How To Effectively Use LinkedIn for Business

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With over 700 million users, LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals. However, can small businesses effectively use LinkedIn to grow their brand?

Founded in 2002, the platform has grown to be a key part of our lives, especially, if you are a professional. It’s known as the best platform for professionals to network.

Any difference between Facebook and LinkedIn? Well, they are both social media platforms. But there are various differences in their mode of operation and focus.

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As a matter of fact, LinkedIn shares a number of similarities with Facebook and Twitter. However, one of the obvious differences between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is the fact that LinkedIn is professionally oriented while others are for almost everyone.

Getting started with LinkedIn

To say that LinkedIn has become a popular social media platform for people to build and engage with their professional network is not an overstatement.

However, how do you start with LinkedIn? How do you create a space for your small business on LinkedIn? First of all, set up and complete your company profile page.

Also, you can create a business page on LinkedIn just like you can similarly do so on Facebook. This will enable people to easily find your brand.

With this, you can also again import your blog RSS feed to easily engage your followers. Then, you can use the LinkedIn analytics tools to check how well these posts are doing.

However, there is more to this platform than other social media platforms. The fact is that LinkedIn is also a platform to access knowledge, insights, and job opportunities.


LinkedIn for small business marketing

As a business owner, there are some specifics to bear in mind if you’re going to be using this social media platform for business.

Using LinkedIn for marketing

Do you know that businesses can generate leads, website traffic, and build brand awareness on Linkedin? It means you can promote your brand on LinkedIn to boost leads.

Just like on other social media platforms, LinkedIn marketing offers a great way for businesses to stand out in the evolving world of work. Also, it offers tools to grow and engage your community.

The fact is that brand marketing on LinkedIn is probably the best if you want to engage a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business.

You can establish your brand with a free LinkedIn Page. Then, you can attract followers and build brand awareness by posting valuable content on your business page.

Below are several ways to promote your business with LinkedIn ads:

  • Sponsored content – native ads that appear in the LinkedIn feed
  • Sponsored messaging – engage your audience in LinkedIn messaging
  • Text ads – simple PPC or CPM desktop ads
  • Dynamic ads – ads automatically personalized to your Audience

Recruitment on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is essentially like a huge database of online Curriculum Vitae or CVs. Thereby making it easy for brands to recruit some of the best professionals on the platform.

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  • LinkedIn paid advertising
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As a matter of fact, brands are using the platform to recruit new staff. So, if you’re looking to recruit this is one of the functionalities that make LinkedIn stand out.

Better still, on your personal accounts you can directly message individuals you are interested in employing with job details, streamlining your overall appointment process.

What businesses should avoid

What should you avoid on this powerful business-oriented social media platform? If you want the platform to work for your business, you should avoid posting irrelevant content.

You should know that there is more to LinkedIn than just being a social media platform. In fact, it is more of a business forum and your blogs should be in keeping with this niche.


People may use your LinkedIn business page to ask questions about your business rather than your products or services. Don’t avoid their questions.

In fact, answer their questions very quickly and as best as you can. Also, avoid spamming the platform with your blog posts.

Don’t post too often or have your employees over-sharing your content as it will make you appear unprofessional.



How Small Business Owners Can Effectively Use LinkedIn
PIN IT: How To Effectively Use LinkedIn for Business

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