How To Unlock Mobile Phones With EE SIM Network In the UK

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Do you want to unlock your EE Sim network? Not long ago, network providers used to lock the phone to be used only on their network.

In other words, network providers used to be “greedy” and wanted mobile phone users to use only their sim.

Even if you are out of contract or pay as you go (PAYG), they don’t want to give you the option of using any other sim cards.

However, the time has changed now. Nowadays, EE and other network providers have been selling their devices unlocked lately.

This means they are now offering sim-free, network-free, or network-unlock smartphones so that you can use any sim card.

However, if you bought yours from EE a while ago, there is a possibility that it might be “locked” to the EE network.

Why sim-free or network-unlock?

When a mobile phone is network-locked, it means the phone won’t work with another mobile network’s SIM card.

As someone that travels abroad a lot, having a sim-free or network-unlock is the best. This is because it means you will be able to use your smartphone abroad.

When you are abroad and you want to use your sim-free smartphone there, all you have to do is to pop in the local sim card and you will be fine.


Also, a network-free mobile phone will sell more quickly and at a great price than a sim-locked one. Even on online marketplaces like eBay, selling second-hand unlocked smartphones rakes in more money than locked phones.

How to unlock EE Sim network in the UK

If you own a mobile phone that is locked to EE UK you will probably want to unlock it. This is important if you wish to change to a different network.

It’s not impossible to get your mobile phone unlocked from the EE network and there are several ways to do it. Below are some of the best ways to unlock your mobile phone.

#1]. Call EE customer service

Do you know that you can unlock your mobile phone by contacting EE directly and it’s free? The mobile network provider used to charge a minimum fee of less than £10 for this service before.

enter your device's IMEI
Enter your device’s IMEI

However, the service is now free for EE customers to use. This unlocking service is not only free but also it’s instant which means there are no waiting times. All you have to do is to call EE customer service or visit their dedicated website.

The only thing you will need to provide is your mobile phone’s IMEI. So, make sure you have it in hand or dial *#06# on the device you are trying to unlock to get your IMEI number.

Then you will enter the IMEI number in the box on the website and click verify IMEI number button. Your EE device unlock code will then come up for you to unlock your phone. You can even request the code to be sent to your email if you wish.

EE can also email your unlock code
EE can also email your unlock code

#2]. Go to your local phone shop

In some cases, you may not be able to unlock your phone from EE directly with the above option. This could be the case if your phone is too old or you didn’t buy it directly from EE.

The best option for you here is to take the phone to your local phone shop. The shop will be able to provide the correct EE SIM network unlock PIN code. However, you should know that the phone shop will charge you for this service.

#3]. Unlock your phone online

Another popular option is to unlock your phone online and there are so many companies out there that can do this for you.

These companies can unlock most of the mobile phones that are available in the market be it Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Xperia, HTC, or Nokia.

However, you have to be very careful of scammers and fraudsters. Make sure you use a reputable online mobile phone unlocking company.


Check their contact details and online reviews on trusted review sites before you agree to pay for any service online.

How To Unlock EE SIM Network In The UK
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