3 Smart Ways CEOs Can Succeed On Social Media [Infographic]

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The fact is that social media has become everyday tools for consumers but surprisingly, so many CEOs are not entirely so keen about the platform.

According to a recent study of Fortune 500 CEOs, 61% have no social media presence. Moreover, 70% out of those who are present on social media have accounts on only one network.

We all know that there is more to social media than just meeting people and connecting friends and families.

The platform has become one of the most important marketing channels for major brands and small businesses. But how well are small businesses using social media platforms? Are CEOs using this popular platform to deeply engage customers?

Smart moves every CEO should make to succeed on social media

A study has shown that 64% of Americans say they like it when CEOs engage on social media because it helps them to better understand businesses, and 54% believe that executives who engage on social media are more trustworthy. This means that consumers appreciate an actively engaged CEO.

So are you going to pass this major opportunity over to your competitors? The fact is that small businesses can benefit a lot from actively using social media but sadly, not many small business owners have actually realized this yet.

Now is time for CEOs to fully get into social media habits. You have to be more active if you want your business to effectively leverage social media and its popularity.

The infographic below, courtesy of MDG Advertising, highlights the best place to start and which networks are the right ones to focus on right now. It also touches on the keys to connecting deeply with audiences on social media.

Smart Moves Every CEO Should Make To Succeed On Social Media


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