As of 2018, the Internet has 4.2 billion users and 3.03 billion of those users are active socialmedia users.

This alone has made social media an important online platform every business should be.

However, it’s not just about being on social media, it’s also about using it to achieve marketing goals.

But how well are businesses using social media for marketing and advertisement? In short, you are missing out if your company is not active on social media.

However, it’s really hard for companies to stand out from all of the content shared and multiple types of ads users see on a daily basis.

make your company stand out on social media

This means businesses will have to put in more efforts to be able to get the best out of their social media activities.

So, how can you use social media to stand out from the thousands of other companies using the space? Here are five ways to do it.

#1]. Become a Thought Leader

Becoming a thought leader by publishing relevant content related to your industry can significantly boost your overall reputation. If you work hard to secure your online presence, you can stand out on social media by sharing highly relevant, curated and original content with your target audience. If people see you as a leader in your industry, you’ll be their first thought when they need to make a relevant purchase.

#2]. Use a Social Media Content Planner

Using a social media content planner can help you plan your social media posts ahead of time and schedule events like contests and giveaways, holiday-related events, and other key company events.

By using a social media calendar, you can keep your social media posts organised and focused so that they make lasting impressions on your potential customers. Some companies plan their social media calendars months in advance, but do what works best for you and your company.

#3]. Be Genuine and Sociable

If you’re going to be on social media, you need to know how to communicate effectively with your target audience. Be the kind of company that people are talking about for reasons other than your products and services. What do you bring to the table and what value can you provide to your target audience?

To be real and sociable, you need to understand what your target audience wants, who they are, and how they’re spending their time online, among other things. Then, you can reflect that back to them in the form of fresh, new content and a spectacular online presence that embodies your brand.

#4]. Create a Stir

Creating a stir on social media is one of the best ways to get noticed by millions of people all at once. For this, you’ll need to get creative because of that's the goal of many social media users — to go viral.

Find a way to create a buzz about your company in some way, shape, or form that produces a positive response. You could try starting a challenge, creating a controversial name for one of your products, or creating a piece of content that really gets people talking.

Brainstorm some ideas with your team to determine the best approach to creating some positive online controversy. Look at fast food chain Wendy's Twitter account for ideas — the company is known for its hilarious social media roasts.

#5]. Use Multiple Social Media Channels

Not every social media platform was created equally, and as such, you may be losing a large share of your potential customer base by ignoring one social media channel in favor of another. Using the multi-channel approach to social media ensures you reach your target customers on the appropriate channels — namely, the ones they feel comfortable using.

For instance, sticking to just Facebook means you miss out on reaching the customers who stick to videos on YouTube, the younger crowds who prefer snippets of information via Snapchat and Instagram stories, and so on.

Global health and beauty company Amway takes full advantage of this by having an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, and YouTube. Some of your potential customers might use Instagram, but not Facebook. Or they might use Twitter, but not Pinterest or LinkedIn. The best approach is to choose three to five channels and focus on those.

Don’t try to be everywhere or try to be everything to everyone. As mentioned previously, be your genuine self and focus on providing something of value, be it entertainment or information. If you want to find a way to stand out on social media and truly shine among the rest, you’ll need to dig down deep and get those creative juices flowing.

Videos and content go viral every day, and your company content could be next. By following the advice above, you’ll be on your way to creating a lasting online presence that cuts through all the noise on social media.


5 Creative Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out on Social Media
PIN IT: 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out on Social Media

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