Article marketing has a lot of power to attract web traffic, turn that traffic into customers, and make several sales daily.

Sometimes called content marketing, article marketing can be used by businesses, either small or big, to sell any product to anyone.

You can use article marketing to sell any product, from a house, to a car, to a computer to a software package, to a pen or paper, as long as you can earn a commission, article marketing is the perfect way to make sales.

Expertise knowledge

First of all, you need to become an expert in the profitable niche. Insurance products require you to have deep knowledge about insurance, your article is the sales man and a poor article will not make a reader stay long and much less purchase anything from you.

Start by perfecting your knowledge about those profitable niches and turn article marketing into a power house of money.

Article length

Another thing you will need to consider is the size of your article. In most cases, you need to write a long article.

article and content marketing

Small articles do not present the reader with much expertise, do not show you are a true expert, just another writer trying to sell them something. Longer articles possess more keyword count and keyword diversity.

The ideal article is always at least four hundred keywords long and the perfect article at least one thousand keywords long.

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Those writers with free time should aim to keep the article as long as possible specially for expensive products.

Trying to sell a computer and earning 20% of the revenue? You definitely need to write at least three thousand words, like a sales letter.

Keep readers interested

It’s advisable to ensure that you keep readers interested in reading more about your expertise. If the directory allows, place several related reading links and focus on the product, send the reader to an article that is similar to the article the reader just read.

For example you can write about computer search and in another article internet search or computer desktop search. All topics must be either exact or very similar.

Article marketing via social media

The idea is to always aim to keep your article views high all the time after publication. Send your article to all online directories and social media platforms such as Facebook if you have interested friends.

You can also use Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and all other networks that allow articles to be added and indexed. The more the better, this is a key component to success!

One article has enough power to deliver endless traffic, as long as the article is cared about. To care about an article means to constantly increase its size, adding new information, make it fresh. There is no sense in writing a ton of low quality articles that no one reads or clicks.

Make sure your article has relevant keywords

Finally, your article marketing techniques must be developed by learning new keywords and understand how to use search tools for most popular keywords on search engines.

Google is blind to anything but keywords and so are readers. Research deeply the right keywords, keep them fresh and use them all each one in a new article.

Do not combine keywords to confuse search engines and readers. Remember the final goal is to convert a reader into a customer and then into a loyal reader and finally a loyal costumer.


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  1. Article marketing is a really powerful internet marketing tool and just like you mentioned above, it’s always good to ensure that one is sending the right message out to the recipients.


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