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5 Essential SEO Techniques To Make Your Small Business Website Work

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 10 Min Read
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Power your website with SEMrush

Can SEO techniques make your small business website works? How easy is it to make your business website performs?

Your business website is a window through which the world sees what your business is all about. This is why making a business website performs should be the priority of every owner.

A performing business website doesn’t only generate more revenue for the business, but it also helps strengthen customers satisfaction, brand awareness as well as brand loyalty.

When people visit your business website, they should be able to feel safe; your website should be able to encourage them to buy so that you can generate revenue through their visit.

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What every business owner should understand is that in today’s online business and e-commerce, having a beautiful website is not enough to generate sales and make your brand more visible online.

Business website and primary goal

Most online businesses have one primary goal of setting up their business website and that’s “to generate revenue”.

No matter the kind of online business website you are setting up, you will still have that primary goal of getting people to visit your website which in turn might translate to either direct or indirect revenue generation.

Direct revenue generation
What I call direct revenue generation is when you set up a business website to sell products or services that either belong to you or someone else.


This is an online retail business where people buy products and make payments directly to you. This can also be the revenue generated through sponsorship and banner ads placed on your website

Indirect revenue generation
But indirect revenue generation means you don’t own the products or services and the payments are not made directly to you. This is a sort of affiliate marketing or referral business where you help sell third-party products or services and get certain commissions. This can also be the revenue generated through third-party ads and banner placements such as Google Adsense and others.

So, no matter what your primary goal is, it’s still very important to ensure that your business website performs. It has to effectively work to be able to enjoy the benefits of setting up the website.

Making your business website work

Making your small business website work is not as straightforward as some people might think. First of all, it’s imperative that you understand why your business website is not working before you will be able to know how to make it work.

What is not working on your business website? Is your business website getting a considerable amount of web traffics? How about your business website visibility on major search engines? What about your business’s reputation on social media?

Internet marketing; are you doing it the right way? These are some of the fundamental questions you will need to be able to answer or at least find answers to if you really want to make your business website work.

If you struggle with online promotion, below are 5 proven and recommendable solutions to help you save time and make your websites bring more sales:

#1]. Track + analyze website’s SEO

SEO [search engine optimisation]

You can’t keep your business website analyzed and optimized all day round or can you? In the era of constant tweaks the search engines make, you never can tell what happens to your site right now:

  • How many pages are indexed?
  • How well are your landing pages optimized?
  • Are your competitors’ rankings growing?

Solution tips
As an online business owner, you should always look for ways to manage your site with no stress and get critical SEO data on the fly.

There are lots of Online SEO tools that can be used to analyze your website SEO and its visibility on search engines. Search the internet for SEO tools; all you need is your site’s URL and some keywords to start with.

#2]. Balance keywords + rankings

Website analytics traffic types


That’s a formula to online success – find the right keywords, let your site’s rankings grow, and get the most out of the traffic you get. The basics to increase your current traffic volume are:

  • Optimise some pages for “long-tail” keywords. They have less competition and get you top 10 Google rankings faster.
  • Monitor the Universal Search results on Google. See where your site ranks in Google Images, Videos, Places, etc. – to optimize the traffic-bringing pages.
  • Always analyze how your rankings change over time. See which marketing/SEO campaigns work best.

Solution tips
Checking the ranking data manually is no fun at all – and if you have already understood that, it’s high time to look for a better and efficient way to check your website ranking data. You can use ranking tools such as Rank Tracker to do the boring job and deliver you the necessary data.

Backlinks help Google PageRank

You already know that you need the right backlinks from the right places to make a better impression for Google. But how do you know what the right backlinks are?

  • Analyse backlinks of your top-ranking competitors. See what kind of anchor text they use, how good the backlink pages are (age, PageRank, Alexa, etc.). Mark out the backlink opportunities.
  • Look critically at your own backlinks. Which are most effective? And which ones bring the most traffic? Mark out the best resources.
  • Analyse anchor text variations and diversify anchors. Diversify with brand names, “naked” URLs (e.g., site.com), add such phrases as “on this page” or “click here”

Solution tips
If you have little or no time to manually investigate backlinks, then you can use SEO tools such as SEO SpyGlass. With SEO SpyGlass you can easily handle backlink research, analyze your own and your competitors’ links.

#4]. SEO + search engines visibility

Popular Search Engines

How visible are your website’s pages to the search engines like Google? Making your website’s pages visible to search engines is a mission that you must accomplish.

If your competitors’ websites are more visible on the search engines than your website, then they will surely get more web traffic than your business website.

It’s imperative to ensure that your website is fully optimized on 2 main levels – onsite and OnPage. Eliminate the critical issues that can harm your website’s visibility:

  • Check if all-important content is not blocked.
  • Control the amount of Flash/Frame elements.
  • Fix broken links (this also improves your site usability).
  • Get rid of duplicate content – Google hates it!
  • Optimize all page elements – titles, descriptions, images, text, etc.

Solution tips
Not sure how to identify and fix the above issues? You can use website auditing tools to analyze and improve your website.

Analyzing tools such as WebSite Auditor can help you; create a project in WebSite Auditor (the specially designed on-page and site structure tool) and let the software collect the necessary data for you. You will even get optimization advice in plain English.

#5]. Leverage Social Media

internet marketing helps in online branding


How well are you using social media marketing for your business marketing and promotion? Are you using the right social media platforms for your business website marketing?

Posting a tweet or two is not what social media management is about. Learn How Business Can Leverage Social Media For Brand Awareness And Sales. True online reputation management includes:

  • Diversified online presence – communicate on multiple social networks.
  • Tracking one’s brand mentions.
  • Posting replies to negative and positive reviews of your product or services.

Solution tips
Learn how to manage and improve your business’s online reputation. There are lots of good social media management tools that can be used to manage your business social media activities.

Use these 5 powerful techniques and take good care of your website – just like a well-managed car, it’ll never let you down!


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