Email Marketing Tips: How To Make Your Business Marketing Emails Interesting

best email marketing tricks that work

Email marketing is still as effective and efficient as ever, especially, if you can come up with interesting marketing emails that are relevant to your audience.

We can all agree that email marketing is one of the cheapest means of business marketing and products/services promotion.

No doubt about it, email marketing is a kind of business marketing strategies that have been around ever since the inception of email and internet marketing.

Small businesses with relatively low marketing budget strongly rely on email marketing or newsletter marketing as well as social media marketing to be able to get their businesses to the right audience.

Making sure your marketing emails are interesting

Your emails should be interesting. This starts with the subject line, but it also includes the headline, design, and content. Also, it is important to be personal – think of your target audience as if they were sitting in a room with you.

Email marketing tips and tricks

Be yourself, and be different. You have to differentiate yourself from the other emails sitting in that inbox.

You don’t have to include everything in the email. Build anticipation by offering a brief explanation and then sending them to a landing page, blog post, product page or other destination that can give them more information.

If you are promoting an event, build anticipation by sending reminder emails or emails that prepare your prospects for the big day. Send a little bit at a time and gain their trust by offering valuable information each time.


To get your contacts looking forward to your marketing emails, your emails will not only have to be interesting, but they also have to be relevant. You can also try marketing techniques such as telling your contacts that you are sending them a gift in the mail…so they keep an eye out.

Then when that gift arrives, you can bet your contacts will be looking forward to the next email from you – to see what other surprises you have in store.

Your content should also walk your customers down the path towards sales. Everything you write should help the prospect get answers, clarify misconceptions, climb over stumbling blocks and otherwise help them arrive at your product/service, ready to buy.

Getting your marketing emails to the right audience

Email marketing is not just about coming up with awesome contents or interesting emails, it’s also about getting your marketing emails to the right audience (people).

So who are the right audience or people? Do they really exist? Yes, right people or audience do exist; they are simply those that have interest in what your business offers.

They are your customers as well as your potential customers. The right people are those that will probably take actions after opening your marketing emails.

When you send your business marketing campaigns out, you will be expecting some kind of results such as the impacts on your business which include sales and revenue generated.

But the fact is that you can only get positive results if your marketing campaigns get to the right audience. Getting your marketing email campaigns to the right audience matters, especially, for the success of the campaigns.

If you have a business that sells books, the ideal thing to do will be to send your marketing emails to people that are interested in reading. This is the best way to bring a great ROI.




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