No doubt about it, content marketing is one of the most rewarding internet marketing strategies any serious business owner should consider.

The whole idea of content marketing is basically to be able to get people to consume your contents. But do you know how to make content marketing work for your business?

The point of writing those beautiful and useful content is to get people to read them.

And for small businesses owners, content marketing offers a huge opportunity for products and services to reach the right people – your potential customers.

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However, it’s not just about using content marketing for your business or product promotion, it’s more about how to make content marketing work for your business.

Why content marketing is good for your business marketing?

It’s an undeniable fact that Content Marketing offers so many benefits for small business owners to market their business. It is capable of improving how a business performs in terms of leads and eventual sales figures. So many businesses have been benefiting from content marketing as it helps take the contents, products or services to the customers.

The main reason for content marketing is to encourage consumption of your content. For a small business, content marketing can be done by promoting contents or products to prospect, relevant customers and those in your target demographic.

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Promotional channels for this kind of internet marketing strategy usually include email campaigns, events and social media. However, you may also want to use paid promotions which include content syndication, Google Adwords or other paid search marketing, email sponsorship, newsletter sponsorship and more.

how to get better content marketing results

How to make content marketing work for your business

The concluding goals of any business’s marketing efforts are usually to drive real business results which can be to keep customers informed, improving customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty, and ultimately driving revenue.

Content marketing will include assets that are open and available without registration. However, in order for content marketing to be effective in leads generation, there must be a form to capture contact information.

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When you are doing your online marketing or business promotion, it’s imperative to make sure that the traffics generated through the promotion ultimately benefit your business. How do you ensure that? Well, that’s where a form to capture contact information is absolutely necessary.

These sort of forms can be embedded in frames or placed in emails. You can also put the forms on a landing page specifically created for marketing purpose.

content marketing for business

How business can get more out of content promotion

The key to the success of your content campaign is how well you promote it. This is because if others do not read what your organisation has created, it will not promote company success.

When you promote your content to potential customers, you are directly informing them either about your business, products, services or whatever the Content Marketing is all about.

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If properly done, Content Marketing is highly rewarding and it can further strengthen your business successes with good ROI. Below are what you should do to make content marketing campaigns work for your business:

#1]. Get your content to the right people

If you really want to get more out of your content marketing and promotion, it’s imperative to make sure that your campaigns get to the right people. Nothing will make your content marketing to be more effective than targeting the right audience. Learn how to promote content to relevant audience for higher conversions.

Right people like bloggers, press, analysts and other influencers are highly crucial when it comes to content promotion. They should know about your content so they can share it with their followers via social media, blog posts and more.

#2]. Make use of Social Media

Social media promotionSocial Media offers an avenue for you to get your content to a millions of people. Every small business owner should be able to understand simple but effective ways to use social media for business marketing.

But remember, social media is more than Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, make use of a variety of social media platforms/sites to spread information about your content including other microblogging sites, blogs, social networking sites, bookmarking sites (Delicious), news sharing sites (Digg, Sphinn) and more.

#3]. Make use of Landing Page

Do you know that you need a landing page for better results of your business content marketing efforts? Make sure you create a beautiful Landing Page for your business content marketing campaign.

This will help you to track conversion rates for continual optimisation. Link your content’s landing page with the rest of your website, adding it to an appropriate resource section and watch your sales and revenue growth.

#4]. Sponsored / paid marketing campaigns

It’s also advisable to test multiple marketing channels which may include targeted ads and keywords to get the most out of your paid search-marketing program.

Also, you should consider creating banner ads about the content. Place the banner ads on your website homepage and/or other popular pages. Don’t just rely on the obvious.


Super Effective Ways You Can Easily Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business
PIN IT: Super Effective Ways You Can Easily Make Content Marketing Work For Your Business
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  1. Adeyemi,

    Content Marketing is a useful way to reach out to potential buyers or customers. But it’s a pity that not many businesses are perfectly exploring the obvious benefits of this marketing strategy.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Lots of businesses have already been exploring the benefits of using content marketing. Small businesses will particularly benefit because content marketing campaign can be done on a small budget. They don;t have to spend big to get their contents to the right people, thanks to social media!

  3. Just like Tony mentioned, most of the small businesses aint using content marketing the way it should be used. I came across a study/survey by a reputable marketing company about small businesses and content marketing sometimes ago. I will see if I can lay my hands on that report again. It will surely be useful as a reference. What you think Adeyemi?

  4. It’s in reality a great and useful piece of information.
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