5 Clever Ways To Improve Savings Towards Retirement Funds

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We all know that saving is very important when it comes to retirement fund. So are you saving towards your retirement fund?

You will all agree with me that life after retirement is not as easy as some might have thought.

The simple fact is that retirement is a lonely journey that requires proper planning.

Obviously, saving towards retirement fund has been made a little bit hard because of the rise in the cost of living but that doesn’t mean you should not consider it at all.

So are you working towards your retirement plan? Remember, it’s imperative to make sure that you are working towards your pension planning.

Savings, investment and your retirement funds

Do you know that saving and investing now can increase your nest egg over the next few decades? But just don’t put your money in some of those “get rich quick” schemes.

Pension savings

Don’t rush at it and don’t be too tempted to put your money in wrong or bad investments.

It’s better to carefully consider how you’ll have enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle after you have stopped working.


Retirement or no retirement, it’s highly important to ensure that you knew how to establish your primary investment objectives as well as getting it right.

Best ways to improve savings towards retirement fund

Do you know the best ways to improve savings towards retirement fund? Do you know how to grow retirement fund? You should find out about some really good retirement income sources that can make your retirement comfortably good.

Retirement life doesn’t come easy; it’s a life that you will only enjoy if you have properly planned ahead for it. This is why the earlier you begin planning for your golden years, the more money you will have saved up.

retirement saving goals

Today, many of the pensioners are struggling with life after retirement because it’s an entirely different life. Here are some tips that can help you put a plan together.

#1]. Plan ahead, don’t wait till it’s too late

Planning in everything we do is one of the best ways to get it done well and better. This doesn’t exclude retirement fund as well because the earlier you plan for your retirement the better.

Actually, this may sound like very basic advice, but the truth is that most people have no idea how to go about calculating how much they should save for retirement.

Minimally, you will need an average of 80 percent of your current income to be able to maintain your lifestyle after retiring, and if you plan on travelling, you’ll need even more.

So before you start to save, set a goal for how much you plan to tuck away.

#2]. Tap into the power of tax savings

Your registered retirement savings plan may be tax free, but that doesn’t mean that taxes don’t play a big part in your retirement plan.

This is why another way to improve savings towards retirement fund is to tap into the power of tax savings.

For example, you should be diverting all or at least a portion of your income tax return to your retirement savings.


And you should be maximising your tax deductions so that you’ll have a little extra money to invest each year into your retirement plan.

#3]. Don’t do it all alone, find out about employer pension plan

Some employers offer better pension plans and you may not be able to know this if you don’t ask and find out.

This is why it’s advisable to make sure that you find out about your employer’s person plan when planning for your retirement savings.

Don’t be afraid to ask your company if it has a pension plan for its employees and what the stipulations of that plan are.

You should be able to find out how much your employee will contribute to your pension and what will happen to the money in the event that you change jobs.

Saving money through an employment-sponsored plan is another way to avoid taxes on your retirement income.

#4]. Pay off some of your debts

Another thing to consider is paying off some of your debts. As you embark on a journey to save money, you will have to figure out how to balance those saving efforts with an effort to eliminate your debt.

While there are many kinds of “good” debt, such as school loans and a mortgage, the money that you owe on your credit cards isn’t one of them.

Because the interest that you end up paying in this category isn’t helping you further your finances, it would be better spent in an RRSP.

If you must have a credit card, look for one that makes it easier to contribute to your savings or one that gives you cash back on purchases.

#5]. Invest smartly, put your money on good investments

Your ability to put your money on good investments is essential when planning to improve savings towards retirement funds. Remember that the younger you are, the more aggressively you can afford to invest in your money.

While it’s true that you should make safer investments as you near retirement, don’t pull the plug too soon on your investments; many people reduce their saving power by switching to “safer” investments before it’s necessary.


Beware of market volatility, make sure your portfolio is diverse enough at all times so that you won’t lose it all.
Your retirement income should come from several different places, and it can be a balancing act to keep up with all of those accounts.

But if you put in the work now, you’ll be glad you’re able to enjoy your retirement and live a worry-free life.



5 Clever Ways To Improve Savings Towards Retirement Funds
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