How To Grow Your TikTok Account Faster

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The growth of TikTok is now unstoppable with a billion active users monthly. But do you know how to grow your TikTok account and expand your brand reach?

To say that TikTok has become one of the leading social media platforms to be is not an overstatement. In fact, the social media platform is a fantastic place to be to showcase your unique talents to people across the globe.

Also, it becomes an excellent tool for marketers to improve their business with a strong marketing strategy. Achieve popularity on TikTok being inside your door and continue to make success with your creative ideas.

If your target audiences are millennials (people between the age of 24 to 35), then it becomes easy for you to attract audiences to your page and get growth on TikTok.

If your content is interesting, there is no doubt in people engaging with your account and make you grow faster on TikTok. Likewise, the below article provides you with 14 important tricks to grow your TikTok account among the massive competition.

#1]. Make Your Profile Interesting

The most important feature of growing your account on TikTok is maintaining an eye-catching profile for the viewers. The first impression for TikTok users is your profile which provides a way to make it the best.

Since the competitions are higher, use a unique, clear, attractive, and remarkable profile picture for your account. If you are a brand, choose your brand logo as your profile picture.

Use the common picture on your other social media accounts to identify easily your followers on other accounts. Next is your profile description, which is an essential factor in converting visitors to your followers and potential customers.

Stand out from the crowd with your clear communication about your account and who you are on TikTok. Get some ideas by checking out other famous creators’ accounts. Add your website link or a link where you want your followers to land to drive more traffic and grow your account.

Since TikTok is a fast-growing platform, a lot of unique videos go viral, and the chances are higher for your video also to go viral. Know the current trends by following at least 25-50 famous creators or profiles on TikTok.

React immediately to their trending videos once you see them on their profile and create a video like the trending one. If you find similar videos in more than one creator’s profile, then you can use the same soundtrack and create a video with unique content to get more engagement for your account.

Also, to stay updated on trending topics, you have to check the “For You” page on TikTok regularly. Spend just 5-10 minutes and know the current trends.

If you hit like on more than one trending video, you will get the list of viral videos. Then, choose the best among them and adjust content according to those trending videos to stay ahead of the crowd.

#3]. Create Engaging Short Videos

The usual length of a TikTok video is about 60 seconds long. But the recommended length to post your video content on TikTok is 8-15 seconds because TikTok users show only short attention to all videos.

So in that short period, if your video looks engaging with exciting content, then they won’t skip your videos and have chances to visit your profile to follow you. If people watch your video till the end or replay your video again and again, then TikTok will boost the ranking of your video on the FYP of TikTok.

These types of short and engaging videos will increase your reach and improve your visibility on TikTok on a large scale. Reaching more users may result in an increase in your follower count on TikTok and make your account engaging with your creative content.

#4]. Participate On Challenges

The important strategy to make yourself familiar to most users on TikTok is by joining most of the viral challenges. Show you as original as possible with your content creation.

There are tons of challenging videos on TikTok, and you have to find the best in it related to current trends. After choosing, do your challenge in an exciting and unique way because your video challenge will perform more than ordinary videos.

Create videos of a short length with exciting content to avoid your video skipping by users. First, join challenges with fewer followers, and after getting some promotion for your video, you can participate in challenges made by famous accounts.

Create your own challenges with interesting ideas to receive TikTok views for your content and improve your brand visibility among wider audiences. Also, ask your followers to join in your challenge to grow your account.

#5]. Perform Live Videos

If you have followers of more than 1000 members, you can go with live streaming on TikTok. When you are on a live show in TikTok, your followers will get a notification until your live session finishes.

It provides an excellent way to stay in your follower’s minds and create a good relationship between you and your followers. Live session on TikTok helps you interact with your followers easily by asking them questions or answering your followers’ questions, and clearing their doubts.

You can also ask for suggestions and get new ideas from your followers for your upcoming video content. It makes a loyal following to your account and can grow your TikTok account with huge followers.

#6]. Use Other Platforms

You should cross-promote your TikTok videos on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can even use Instagram, Youtube, and other TikTok Alternatives to easily make your videos go viral.

It will be easy for your followers to recognize you if you have the same profile picture on all your social media accounts. Encourage people in other online communities to watch your TikTok videos and follow you back.

But instead of asking them to follow you, create engaging content with your creative idea and make curiosity to watch all your videos on TikTok. So, automatically the users on other networks will watch your whole video on TikTok and create more chances to follow you, which results in a higher engagement rate.

Sharing your videos with your existing followers on other sites will definitely promote your videos and increase your visibility on TikTok easily with more followers.

#7]. Maintain Post Consistency

TikTok provides rewards for users who are consistent on their accounts. Consistency is nothing but giving regular posts over a long time indicating your presence on TikTok. Creating a consistent video includes your creative skill with unique content ideas, and some efforts to make your video popular.

With all these features, you can make all your videos on TikTok and give consistent posts to your followers. It is a crucial part of TikTok to make your videos viral with engaging content. Learn the basic skills in video creation and come up with excellent editing to attract followers to your account.

Producing a set of videos at once in batches with the same content will definitely help you at some point. If you don’t have content to post at some point in time, you can use those pre-recorded videos.

Get higher reach among followers by posting at least twice a day and making sure that your published videos have a consistent message. If you bring out your communication clearly in your videos, the viewers will definitely follow you.

#8]. Engage With Big Players

The journey on your social media networks will be more comfortable if you connect with big players related to your field. Big players are the ones who have large followers matching your target audiences and are already famous on Tiktok.

Finding them on Tiktok is difficult until you know your objective and your audience. The great strategy to grow on TikTok is by learning tips and tricks from the people who already succeeded on TikTok.

Connect with those creators on all other social media to recognize you and your account easily and may have chances to get in touch with you. Give your support to grow their account consistently, and then soon, you will get a positive result.

Provide thoughtful comments with ideas for their business in a useful way that strengthens your bond with them. This bond can make them help them to grow your account by asking their followers to follow you.

#9]. Posting Time

There is no common time for all users on TikTok to post their content. The time varies according to your target audiences. The active time of audiences differs depending on your post. The first thing to know before posting your content is your target audiences and their location.

With the help of your audience’s location, you can easily know the active time of your followers on TikTok. It will be challenging if your audiences are around the globe. To make it easier, TikTok provides a statistics tool to analyze your account.

TikTok provides a Pro-Account, which is free of cost to analyze your account about the performance of your video content and your follower’s activities. From these statistics report, you can understand the active time of your followers on TikTok and publish your videos accordingly.

Also, it gives a report about the performance of your content. From this, you can know the top-performing post and use the same content with unique ideas in another post.

When it comes to TikTok, hashtags play a vital role in improving your visibility just like on Instagram. Adding trending and relevant hashtags to your videos can expose your content to a wide audience and improve your presence on TikTok as a result.

Using these hashtags, you will get a chance to rank your video on the top of your follower’s “For You” page. Luckily, there are so many great social media tools out there that you can use to monitor hashtag performance. You can use your brand name as the hashtag to make your brand popular among wider audiences.

If you can’t find the right hashtags, TikTok provides an easy way to find them. Just type your keyword relevant to your content on the Discover tab and hit the search button. Then you will find the list of trending hashtags related to your keyword.

Choose hashtags from the list, and it will be better if you select hashtags with less competition and make it easy to stand out from the crowd easily. Not only the hashtags will improve your visibility, but your content takes an equal part in improving your account growth on TikTok.

#11]. Interaction With Followers

Only your online presence on TikTok will not improve your growth. You have to engage with your audiences by regularly interacting with them. That gives an excellent way to create trust and maintain a smooth relationship among your audiences.

Like other social media platforms, responding to audiences’ comments on your post will improve your brand awareness and engage your followers on your TikTok account and may suggest some engaging ideas to post.

In order to get comments from your followers, the content must be engaging to make your followers view and comment on it. Responding to each comment will create a good impact on your audience.

Keep them engaged by asking questions or suggestions about your post and get future ideas to create new content. So, your existing followers may spread the word about your account to other friends, which may increase your follower count gradually.

#12]. Come Up With Tutorial Video

The how-to-do videos on any social media will perform well by engaging more people in your account. The tutorial video gives tips for audiences to use or do things according to your suggestions.

If this works out well with great results in the end, then your video will become trending overnight without any doubt. You will get more likes for your video content along with huge shares, and TikTok will reward you with a high ranking on your follower’s feeds.

If you are a brand or doing any business, give videos of how to use your product along with upcoming features in your business. It provides a positive vibe to your followers about your product.

It may intend for them to buy your product where you can gain potential customers for your business as well as the potential follower for your TikTok account.

#13]. Do Duet Videos

People love to watch viral videos of famous creators. So if you combine those videos using duet features, the reach will be excellent and helps to grow your following easily. Use the “For You” page to search for trending videos of popular creators on TikTok.

Once finding the video, perform a duet along with them showing your uniqueness on your video and getting a better result. Keep in mind that the trending videos will be varying weekly on TikTok.

Don’t miss out on the trending videos and make duets immediately. Update your content according to the trends by checking popular video content regularly.

#14]. Create Video Series

Creating a video series brings excitement to your followers about the next part of the video. The video series will help users to tie up on your page and wait for the next update of the video if the content is interesting.

It helps to gather more people into your account with great content ideas. The video series on TikTok will also engage audiences like YouTube giving a series of videos. Before starting a video series, give an introduction video on the first day about your content to stay tuned with your content for the next part of the videos.

For example, if you are giving a video about home organizing, first make videos about your home arrangements and ask them to keep updated for the next video to know the steps in maintaining the home neat with proper arrangements. So people will stay on your account to learn the tricks and get valuable ideas from it.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is an amazing platform to grow your business and gain more followers. It makes an easier way to connect with your followers. If you are a marketer, TikTok is the right place to make your brand popular globally by gaining potential customers. Use the above tips on TikTok and grow your account with more followers in an organic way.


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