How To Enhance Your Business Local Search And Online Advertising

Local online advertising is becoming a necessity now that modern technology has made it easy for people to search for businesses or services from their smartphones. This article highlights how local onlline advertising can benefit your business too...

Search marketing and advertising

According to some studies, the majority of people look online first before making a purchase. A large portion of those individuals ends up contacting a business afterward.

This demonstrates the power of search engine optimisation and local search relevance for consumers within any specific location. Search engines open up a new window of opportunity for businesses to easily reach potential customers.

Instead of turning to the phone book or local listing newspapers, people are tapping their smartphones. So, what can you do to enhance your business’s abilities to attract the local market online?

How to your business local search

The undeniable fact is that online local search marketing can provide tremendous benefits for small businesses looking to advertise online.

So, start thinking about local online advertising by reviewing commonly used terms and ensure your business is positioned where people can see it. Modern technology has made it really easy for consumers to shop online directly from their smartphones.

This is why your business shouldn’t only be mobile-friendly, it should also be more visible on local search. As more consumers look online for local products and services, local businesses are realizing that local online advertising is a necessity.

However, you have to understand how local online advertising works if you really want to be successful because it can be downright intimidating if you don’t know how to go about it. Below are some of the best ways to easily enhance your business local online advertising:

#1]. Local SEO practices

Local search engine optimization can ensure your business is displayed in the top of the results page when people search for a specific product or service.


As search engines such as Google and Bing often put the local results of companies before the website content, even the smallest of businesses can be seen by those in the area looking to make a purchase.

#2]. Video production

Popular sites such as YouTube can be beneficial when you are advertising to a specific locale. When uploading the video, you can add your location as well as include it in the description.

Your videos can show up on the search engine for certain keywords because YouTube content is also indexed by Google. Also, it will be locally integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and social media platforms.

Posting videos on YouTube is like running a commercial on television without a hefty investment. Also, there are great video presentations tools out there you can use to make cool videos for your business promotion.

#3]. Social imagery

Pictures of your products or services can help enhance customer interaction on social networking sites. According to various online studies, a social media post that includes an image or video is far more likely to get more user engagements.

Engagement is essential for your business to be able to get the best out of social media activities. When people are engaged with your content, it often leads to some clicks to websites or contacts your business directly.

#4]. Hosting a contest on social media

One of the best ways to get more people to follow your business on social media is to run contests specifically for those individuals.

When you host a contest on social media, you stand a better chance to improve user engagements as well as acquiring new customers or followers.

For example, posting a contest on Facebook could generate greater interest in your business – especially if you tell customers who visit the business about the event. Generating greater interest in your business means getting more leads and sales.

#5]. Google maps integration

Google Maps is one of the most used navigational systems on the Internet. By registering your company, you can label this online system with the location of the business.

This helps consumers find the establishment while providing pertinent information such as operating hours and even consumer reviews. Many businesses will use widgets on their websites displaying this map complete with a location tag.


#6]. Pay-per-click campaigns

Many business owners utilize pay-per-click campaigns due to the high returns on the investment. Instead of a base fee for advertising whether someone responds to it or not, PPC campaigns only cost money when someone clicks the online ad.

This increases the likelihood of a consumer contacting the business as he or she is already interested enough in the content to click the link.

Online marketing services have potential to be more productive than many other forms of advertising. Many of these services can be used to target your specific consumer instead of the general populace.

The Internet plays an intricate part in the success of a business. Take advantage of the tools that are offered and maximise the potential for increasing sales.


6 Affordable Ways You Can Easily Enhance Your Business Local Search And Online Advertising
PIN IT: 6 Affordable Ways You Can Easily Enhance Your Business Local Search And Online Advertising
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  1. These are great insight for reaching targeted audience in this era of ‘Internet of Things’. However, the error I see is that most landing pages are not pre-optimised for specific campaign and some sites do not even have conversion model in place. What then happens to the traffic generated? That’s the big question.

    • Yes I think you are right on Landing Page issue. I always say that it’s good to have a beautiful Landing Page but knowing how to use Landing Page to achieve success in content marketing is much more important.

    • Of course having a beautiful Landing Page is good but making it work to capture contacts is much more important. I personally don’t think having Landing Page is the only best way to convert traffic. The fact is that most of the locals that search for stuff online won’t necessarily want to sign up for anything online since they can actually walk into the shop to buy rather than buying online

      • Convenience is the number one thing technology has offered mankind which is key to human existence. Premise on that, you’ll discover that people would still rather prefer to trade online than wasting time going to shops.

        That’s why brands like Jumia, Konga, OLX, etc are making tremendous impact in Nigeria and beyond. Let’s now juxtapose your position against this brands and the local stores that have not found there way online the proper way.

    • Bears in mind that not everyone that searches the internet for stuff will be interested in signing up from Landing Page. Some people are only interested in making sure that you have the product in stock before coming to the shop. Having a Landing Page wont make any difference to these set of people because they won’t sign up. They are local people that can just walk into your shop any time.

  2. Local search is the way to go now that almost everyone is online and search for stuff almost every seconds. I hardly go to the shop to buy stuff without firstly do some online researches. Really good article I will say!

  3. The notoriety of search engines does change and inside this mixed search like video, pictures, and neighborhood search is turning out to be more essential. Which are the top 15 most popular best search engines in the World? Other than Google and Bing there are other search engines that numerous not be so outstanding but rather still serve a great many search inquiries every day.


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