How to edit Instagram photos

Did you know that 81% of users on social media sites, such as Instagram, edit their Instagram photos before posting them?

Photo editing is one of the most common types of editing, and the good news is that it is perfect for Instagram beginners, as well as professionals.

Although it can take some time to learn how to edit Instagram photos, here are some easy tricks to help you out!

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How to Edit Instagram Photos with Lighting

Learning how to adjust the lighting in your picture is one of the fastest and least complicated ways to edit an Instagram photo. Depending on what your aesthetic is, you may want a photo to be more or less vibrant. 

Adjusting the colour scheme of the photo can help with balancing between pale and saturated colors. This method, which is also known as color balance, can help make any white in your photo more balanced, instead of leaning toward a warmer or cooler tone.

Learning how to edit Instagram pictures with brightness is also very important. Increasing the brightness can help make naturally duller backgrounds, such as clouds, brighter.

Photos taken at night, with or without flash, can benefit from this tip as well.


Editing your background is an important way to maintain your photo's focus. A bright background or a background that has lots of objects can be distracting.

Changing the background to something more simple or even just a plain color can be a good way to focus more on the center subject. 


Removing the background with an online background remover can also help to make it more professional-looking. This is simpler and more precise than trying to remove the background on your own.

Instagram photos
Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform

Doing it on your own increases the chance of affecting your main subject. Depending on the goal of your Instagram posts, the background of a photo could be important in showing daily life, such as a messy wardrobe behind you.


Cropping a photo is one of the best editing tips that does not require any editing skills because of its ability to remove distractions. Crop unnecessary parts of your photo, such as strangers or a spilled drink in the corner.

Figuring out how to edit Instagram photos can help to make your photo look more defined and professional if that is the look you are aiming for. 

Cropping a photo can also help it to fit better in certain dimensions. Instagram’s dimensions are 1:1, meaning that to see the full photo on someone’s profile, your photo must be this size.

If it is not, it risks some parts being cut or cropped. Bear in mind that this could make the photo angles disproportionate.

Try It

Learning how to edit Instagram photos can be a fun and rewarding process. Although it sounds challenging, editing can be done quickly and simply without any serious editing skills.

If you have a planned or spontaneous post coming up, consider using these tips to make your photo shine! Feel free to keep browsing this section for more social media tips.

How To Easily Edit Instagram Photos
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