Nowadays, business presentations have moved away from the traditional events such as big business meetings. Today, business presentations are used for a wide range of corporate communications.

Delivering a business presentation can be a nerve-wrecking event especially if you are relatively a novice in the field. So how do you deliver a clear, concise and confident business presentation to your audience?

Many of us have this fear of speaking in public, we just don’t know how to do it. We don’t know how to engage with the audience and there is anxiety around being judged by the people that are listening to us.

The fact is that most of these fears can negatively impact on the ability to present a successful business presentation.

How to deliver a successful business presentation?

business presentation skills and techniquesWhat can you say about your business if you are given an opportunity to talk?

Delivering a successful business presentation doesn’t come so easily at all, it requires a great deal of quality preparation.

To have a successful business presentation, you will have to decide what to put in and what take out of your presentation.

Focus on your topic and drive your presentation points home in ways that got your audience engaged.

So how do you deliver a clear, concise and confident business presentation to your audience? Below are some tips that can help you deliver a success business presentation.

Tips #1]. Preparation

Prepare yourself, check venue and rehearse the presentation

Business presentations can be much more difficult to do without proper preparation even if you are a professional speaker and think you know how things work.

At times, the environment as well as the type or number of audience might have negative impact on your presentation if you are not well prepared.

Remember this could be the your chance to be seen and heard by your peers and managers, so take the time to think through your presentation. Visualise yourself as you want to be perceived and determine what you have to do to create that impression.

Tips #2]. Consider your audience

Question, engage and interact with your audience for proper understanding

A successful business presentation centres around your audience; no audience, no business presentation. Interact with your audience by asking them questions and answer their questions.

This is what will get them engaged and they’ll take more away from your presentation. Also, it’s very important to assess your audience and their needs as well as their concerns. This is because you will need to address those points in your presentation.

If you are delivering a business presentation for audience that include big picture thinkers or those that will want lots of details, by accessing your audience, you will have a better chance of addressing your their needs.

Tips #3]. Presentation segmentation

Divide and organise your presentation for easy delivery

Try to break down your presentation into four parts namely, introduction, main body, summary and questions or action steps. When it comes to your introduction, follow the ABCD approach.

It is highly important to ensure that you are able to capture your listener’s attention from the very start as this will greatly help to put you in control of the whole presentation.

Let your audience understand the benefits of your presentation and lay out the direction your talk will take as this will help you to establish your credibility.

Tips #4]. Presentation message

Drive home your message with visual aid, PowerPoint slides and graphics

Having divided your presentation into introduction, main body, summary and questions, you need to ensure that the body of your presentation contains vital information such a statistics, figures, graphs and graphics where necessary.

The emergence of software like Microsoft’s PowerPoint has made the process of producing a business presentation with a slick ad polished look pretty painless.

With myriad backgrounds and foregrounds, fonts and typefaces, bullet styles, graphics, clipart libraries, charts, screen effects, and more, it is much easy to produce an attractive presentation that will help capture the attention of your audience.

Tips #5]. Master your moves and body language

Take control of the presentation by making positive moves and using simple words

Your body language at times says a lot about you while presenting as it will send either positive or negative messages to your audience.

Your audience are watching every moves you make and if you are making the right moves, you are sending the right message to your audience. You are unknowingly telling them that you are in control; that you actually know what you are talking about.

Also, try to speak gently and use the right words because a killer business presentation doesn’t leave people wondering what you said. It might be tempting to throw in a few big words but are you alienating your audience?

Also, always explain terms and acronyms. The number of smart executives who aren’t up on the latest terminology would surprise you.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic…I only just came across you blog and I must say that I’m enjoying every minutes spent here. I like the part where you mentioned Body Language. I think I am reading about it for the first time here because most of the people that write tips on presentation don’t mention Body Language


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