How To Choose The Best Health Insurance Policy Designed To Meet Your Needs

how to get a good medical or health insurance policy

What do you think health insurance offers, and how do you choose the right medical or health insurance policy?

Well, health insurance simply gives you the opportunity to have quick access to quality medical treatment whenever it’s needed.

As we all know, good health is as important as the fresh air we breathe. Who wants to be sick? No one I guess!

But unfortunately, we get sick or need medical treatment at one time or another. This is where medical insurance could be really helpful.

With health insurance, you stand a better chance of receiving effective and efficient treatment quicker. It also offers access to drugs as well as providing you immeasurable peace of mind.

Buying the best health insurance

Buying health insurance is similar to buying any other type of insurance policy. Health insurance is available in a range of different cover levels. It also comes at different premium levels designed to meet the needs of different customers.

However, finding and choosing the right health insurance provider you and your family can trust matters. In fact, it is as important as getting the right cover.

But the problem is that you may end up paying more on your insurance premiums than you may think especially if you don’t know how to go about it.


How to choose the best health insurance

It’s highly imperative to ensure that you are on the health insurance policy that gives you choices on the cover; provide prompt access to high-quality diagnosis as well as offering dedicated support and private medical treatment.

As mentioned earlier, getting the medical or health insurance policy that meets your needs at the considerably right price will require you to shop around and carefully read the terms and conditions as outlined in the insurance policy. Below are some tips we think can help you make the right choice:

#1). Shop around for the best policy

Make sure that you have shopped around and compared all the available options before you make up your mind on which one to choose.

What this does is that it saves you money as well as giving you the opportunity to have access to the very best health insurance policy that will suit your needs.

We are talking about money as well as your health here, and remember that things can go wrong at any point in life. If you don’t have the right cover, it might be a lot worse than thought.

#2). Check your benefits policy at work

Before taking out a medical or health insurance, it makes sense to check whether you’re already covered by your employers, as part of your company’s benefits package.

Some companies have some kind of benefits which may include health insurance for their employees. This is why you should check on your company’s employee insurance policy, it will enable you to use your resources on other needs.

#3). Be honest and don’t accept the first offer

They say honesty is the best policy, and this also applies to your medical or health insurance. So, it’s really important to come straight and never attempt to hold anything back from your insurer when you apply for your health insurance.

This is particularly necessary because you might not be able to get a full payout – or any money at all if yo failed to disclose everything about your state of health when applying.

Also, don’t just accept the first price offered to you because you could save money on your medical insurance if you are enough to ask if there are better rates or ways to reduce your insurance premiums.

#4). Check, read and read again for proper understanding

It’s highly important to ensure that you have read and understood what you are signing up for because this is where people predominantly make mistakes.


Before you take out your health insurance, make sure you that you double-check the details to see what is covered, and not covered.

Check with what the policy covered as outlined in terms and conditions. Don’t just read once, read and read again; we are talking about your life and money here.

Remember that not all policies are the same even though they may have the same price put on them. This is why you should make sure you understand what you are signing up for because you might end up signing for a policy that doesn’t cover you well if you’re not really careful.

#5). Don’t do automatic renewal, review your insurance policy

It’s always good to make sure that your policy doesn’t renew itself automatically. Because premiums usually increase with age and advances in medical care, you could lose out if you let your health insurance policy renew automatically.

So the very best thing to do is to make sure that you compare policies from time to time – as you could get a cheaper deal or better value for money elsewhere.

Also, you should check on whether your private health insurance policy offers any additional benefits, which will give you added value for money.

#6). Check for a discount, think about a moratorium

Discounts are usually available on your private medical insurance. So it makes sense to make sure that you check the available discount to see, for example, if you could save money by agreeing to pay annually rather than monthly.

Also, it’s very important to think about moratorium health cover because any condition that subsequently surfaces won’t be covered if an examination shows it occurred during the moratorium period.


Another thing to consider when choosing a private medical insurance policy is to check on the limits on claims, in-patient, and out-patient cover, what treatment is included and excluded etc.



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