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How To Brand Yourself And Build An Impressive Personal Brand Online [Infographic]

Platterofgold Editor By Platterofgold Editor 3 Min Read

You will all agree with me that the era of traditional curriculum vitae (CV) has gone. Nowadays, it’s all about building an impressive personal brand online.

Today’s job recruitment has gone beyond offering just a document of one or two pages. In an actual sense, your CV is not enough proof of who you truly are and what you can do.

The fact is that most recruiting agencies and companies are now looking for more than a résumé. Do you know why?

Well, it’s because staff also represent the image of the company that employed them. Your would-be employers also want to know more about you than the awesome qualifications you have in your curriculum vitae.

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This is why there is more to job recruitment than just submitting a CV to gain employment. In this internet-centric era where almost everyone is on one or more popular social media sites, it’s easy for companies and recruitment agencies to find out more about their prospective employees.

Why you need to build an impressive personal brand online

The fact is that submitting a résumé for a particular job is just the beginning, especially now that some companies and recruitment agencies think that your Tweets say far more about you than a list of academic qualifications in your CV.

how to easily brand yourself online

In this era of the likes of LinkedIn, you have got to have more than just a résumé because the traditional way of applying for a job with a CV is now outdated.


This is where building an impressive personal brand online can give you a better chance of landing your dream jobs. Therefore, if you have not started, it’s high time to brand yourself and build a breathtaking personal brand online.

What you should know is that the broader impression you create through your various web presences is much more valuable to some employers than a one-page CV.

If you are still in doubt or not sure of where to start, the infographic below can help. Courtesy of Headway Capital, the infographic highlights the eleven online branding principles you need to know and tips on how to go about it.

how to build a personal brand online

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  • Great article. I really like this. When you think of a personal brand, especially in the recruitment industry you hardly ever see it. When assessing suitable candidates you often fail to see a persons vision or values because they are not there, or you need to read between the lines. Often you do not even see accomplishments and when having a quick search on their social pages you find the CV persona is radically different to their social presence. I’m sure if people were to get these sides of themselves in sync then they would provide a more credible, employable person when scrutinised

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