3 Creative Ways to Approach Social Media Marketing

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How well does social media work for your business? Do you know the best ways to approach social media marketing? What about making social media work for your business? Do you know how?

Nowadays, social media has become an essential marketing platform for businesses to explore. The platform offers some of the most cost-effective and efficient ways for business owners to reach their target audiences.

In essence, social media is one of the most effective marketing strategies, especially, for small businesses. Therefore, those businesses that are not taking advantage of social media are really missing out.

As a business owner, building a social media presence allows you to reach a wider audience. Also, it gives you the opportunity to interact directly with current and potential customers.

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This thus helps boost your customer service and improve customer experience. However, there are a great many possibilities that you can explore in terms of targeted marketing tactics.

Building a social media presence…

You are building a social media presence, while an important first step, is far from the only step that you need to take to reap all of the benefits of social media marketing.

How well do people use social media?
How well do people use social media?

You need to take some creative approaches to your social media marketing to reach the potential clients that are out there. Here are three such approaches that you can consider if you are looking to get creative with your social media marketing.

#1]. Influencer marketing

There is an entire trend on social media that has developed over the last decade, or so that entails private individuals building a vast audience for themselves based on the brand that they construct for themselves online.

These individuals are referred to as social media influencers. Such influencers amass thousands of followers who look to them for guidance on specific areas. Influencers can endorse products online and encourage their many followers to purchase the products they recommend.


Although the actual authority that an influencer has to give an opinion on a product might be questionable, the fact remains that the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people in one post is worth its weight. You can use a marketing global influencer agency to find the right influencer for your social media campaign.

#2]. Giveaways

Another great approach that you can take to your social media marketing involves holding a giveaway for your followers. This is an excellent way to get your followers engaged with your page and to acquire new followers potentially.

Assemble your giveaway package and post a photo of it with instructions on how to win. You might require users to tag a certain amount of people or repost your post as the method of entry.

You can randomly select a winner from the followers that make a complete entry. Most people who win such giveaways become quite loyal customers going forward as well, another added bonus to using this social media tactic.

Social media has a feature that can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase exposure in the form of trending topics. When a certain phrase or topic is trending, this means that a significant number of online users are talking about it.

Social media sites generate a list of topics that are currently trending. By watching that list, you can create content geared towards the topics that you see.

Then, simply tag that topic in your own post for it to be added to the collection of trending posts. This makes puts your post, and thus your page, right in the mix for all other social media users to see.



Creative Ways to Approach Social Media Marketing
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