Technology Budget Busters: How The Internet Can Halve Your Monthly Budget And Save You Money

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There are some really helpful technology budget busters that can help halve your monthly budget.

You may blame the Internet for costing you $50 or more each month for online charges, but did you know that the Internet can also save you thousands of dollars each year?

There are many ways to save money online and cut your monthly budget nearly in half. If you have an Internet connection, you have access to these money-saving services and perks:

#1]. Paperless billing

Most companies now offer online billing. Some even offer benefits for switching to e-billing. Companies have to pay to send a paper bill to you, which is why they may offer incentives for switching to online billing.

Banks, energy companies, and even some other businesses may offer significant discounts for switching to paperless billing. If you are not currently receiving a discount for paperless statements, just ask! Some companies may offer a discount after you ask.

#2]. Online budgeting

There are thousands of budgeting tools online that can help you watch your pennies on and offline. Budgeting programs, such as Mint or programs offered by your bank or credit card, can help you save hundreds of dollars each month.

You can easily use these apps to track spending, set budget goals, and maximize your benefits through low-interest rate credit cards, high yield investments, and reductions in common expenses like insurance and mortgages.

#3]. Online banking and investing

You can save money by conducting your banking online. Companies that do not have brick-and-mortar locations often offer reductions in fees and finance charges that larger banking institutions offer.

modern technology has made life easy
modern technology has made life easy

Online investment accounts often have lower fees for using their services than traditional investment firms. You can save quite a bit by switching to these online services.


#4]. VoIP phone services

The Internet makes it possible to ditch your landline, and maybe even your expensive cellphone as well. VoIP phone services can replace the monthly cost of your landline phone.

This can save $50 or more a month. You can also use online-based texting and HotSpot Wi-Fi or check out government funding to eliminate the need to pay for these services for your cell phone.

This can significantly cut back on the cost of your phone bills each month. See 10 Popular Social Mobile Messaging Apps That Are Replacing SMS.

#5]. Compare prices and save money

The Internet brings the power to choose. You can search through hundreds of companies at once to find the best rates and prices on any service. Here you can find the best rates for plumbers, painters, and house cleaners.

You can find lower prices for insurance, loans, credit cards, and hundreds of other options. There is no end to the number of ways you can save on services online.

#6]. Discount shopping

Want cheaper things? The Internet is the best place to look! There are always discount sites offering deals on everything from cell phones to baby clothes.

You don’t have to look far to save a bundle on your everyday purchases. With these steps, you can save hundreds of dollars each month. This makes the cost of your Internet bill seem almost like a bargain.


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