Twitter has become one of the best avenues to make money online and top marketers as well as stars and celebrities are some of the top influencers on the social media platform whose tweets worth thousands of dollars.

So how much does your tweet worth? Have you got enough followers and fans on your social media profile?

If you have a good number of Twitter followers you could be raking in a passive income via your tweets.

Ever wondered why Cristiano Ronaldo has taken to Twitter to promote a Portuguese tailoring company or why Wayne Rooney has decided to post a picture of Nike’s latest golf shoes?

Twitter tweets

Money is the answer. Research has shown the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar can command thousands of pounds per tweet from some of the world’s biggest sponsors.

The top 10 most valuable sports stars on Twitter do not stop short at footballers as NBA’s LeBron James and Kevin Durant also feature in the list.

Top 10 most valuable sports stars on Twitter
Top 10 most valuable sports stars on Twitter

So how much does your tweet worth?

Rafael Nadal is the only tennis player to feature in the top 10 due to his 8.43million following on the popular social media website.

It probably comes as no surprise that Real Madrid forward Ronaldo is the most valuable sports star to sponsors when it comes to the world of Twitter as he has a staggering 37.7m followers.

Spanish newspaper AS and advertising agency Opendorse have revealed one tweet posted by Ronaldo to market a product or service is worth an estimated £169,280 to a sponsor.

Ronaldo has the 13th highest most followers with the former Manchester United star only overshadowed by the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Barack Obama.

According to the figure released by DailyMail, Ronaldo could pocket an estimated £169,280 from a tweet about any product by popular brands like Nike.

Cleveland Cavaliers small forward James follows Ronaldo in second with 23.6m followers. The NBA star, who has an enormous following in the US, can earn up to £92,323 per tweet.

Barcelona forward Neymar and United captain Rooney are third and fourth respectively, while Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant is fifth due his 11.7m followers.

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil, who is sponsored by adidas, can pocket an estimated £33,120 per tweet from the German sportswear company should he choose to tweet about their latest product.

South American trio Radamel Falcao, Sergio Aguero and James Rodriguez also feature in the top 10, while Nadal comes in at ninth with his posts being worth £29,972 per tweet.

The majority of the aforementioned sports stars are wearing a branded item of clothing or piece of footwear in their Twitter display picture. Rooney and Neymar both don Nike tops in their profile pictures, while Ronaldo is pictured holding up a customised football boot.

Nadal’s Twitter cover photo is of him playing tennis in Nike sportswear, while King James sports a Nike jumper in his profile picture. Money talks as they say.

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