Best Ways Entrepreneurs Can Boost their Physical and Emotional Well-being

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Because healthcare never stops, medical entrepreneurs, in particular, experience long days and nights. This is why it can be easy to forget to care for yourself, especially, after countless hours of helping others.

Long hours at work can bring excessive stress, migraines, body aches, and pains and overall fatigue and irritability. Remember that the immune system can only take so much and that slowing down is not only acceptable but critical to your health and the health of the business.

The fact is that it’s sometimes counterproductive to be too busy with work to the extent that one forgot to take good care of oneself. Self-care incorporates practices that boost physical and emotional well being. Let’s look at some examples.

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Alone Time

Make it a personal goal to spend at least 10 minutes in complete solitude every day. That can mean:Meditation, Prayer, and Pure silence. Whatever it ends up being, make it a priority.

After spending the day carrying the weight of the world, let go of everybody else’s problems for just those 10 minutes. Success comes after a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. It’s true that entrepreneurs are busy people and have many priorities; take Harry Stylli, for example.

Founder of 3 different medical-related companies, Dr. Stylli also serves as a leading professional in many genetic research-related studies. It’s important to have lofty goals and to challenge oneself to meet them. In the grand scheme of things, 10 minutes is really not so much to ask.

Personal Care

The same healthy living advice that patients get every day applies personally too: #1]. Eat properly – canned and boxed meals are convenient, but remember that fresh food is best. Eating a variety of fresh foods is good for the body as well as the mind.

#2]. Get enough sleep – it’s difficult, especially knowing that the phone could ring at any hour of the night, but try. The benefits of a good night’s sleep speak for themselves! #3]. Exercise – get the blood pumping and the heart working every morning to wake up the brain and body.


Ensure that good self-care takes precedence. Being properly able to take care of others can’t happen if personal care is being neglected. Taking care of patients is important, but remember that the business owner is important too.

Partake in a Hobby

Develop life and a headspace outside of work. The business is the metaphorical baby, it’s true, but even parents hire babysitters from time to time. Make time to do something that sparks joy. Even something like strolling can make you more alert and improve your general healthy life. Whatever that special thing is, find time to do it. Nothing coming to mind? Some suggestions include:

  • Creative hobbies: painting and drawing, dancing, cooking, flower arranging.
  • Outdoor activities: gardening, jogging and exercising, hiking.
  • Group activities: book discussions, volunteering, enrichment classes, dog training.

As important as the company is, having a life and a culture outside of it is important too. Finding joy in small things is really what makes life worth living. Owning a business in the medical field is exhilarating, but the balance is key to success. As the owner, remember that there is life outside of the business. Life was made for living, so step out of the office every so often and live it.


Best Ways Entrepreneurs Can Take Care Of Themselves
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