No doubt about it, customers are the mainstay of every successful business because without them, the business is going nowhere.

But unfortunately, rather than being the first, customers are often the last item on the most important and must-do lists of some of the businesses nowadays.

So how well does your business treat customers? What do you think of your customers and what do they think of your business? Is your business one of your customers top favourites?

Do you know that the very best of business relationships is arguably the one between the business and the customers? The fact is that if you value your customers, you will treat them like they are part of your business.

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Also, you have to understand the fact that your business’s survival largely depends on your customers patronage. Businesses that value their customers always work hard on increasing customer patronage. This is why most of these businesses often offer repeat customers some kind of discount coupons for each return visit.

Making your business customer service more effective

Nowadays, some companies or businesses and their management team are so product-oriented that they overlook what is really important: the customer.

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These businesses tend to place their efforts on the product, its marketing and promotion, that the interest of their target market is left forgotten. Does your business fall into this category of businesses that treat their customers with less importance?
How to improve customer service for better performance
As a business owner or manager, it’s important to always remember reasons why you are in the business and why you are producing that product or providing that service in the first place. Isn’t the reason to attract customers, make sales and obviously increase profits?

But how do you reach your business target when customers do not get the attention they need? Well, your brand loses value and in turn, you lose business.

Customers want more than good products or services…

“If you want to get the best out of your staff, always try to make them happy”

Business owners and managers have to understand that customers want more than good products or services. In other words, customers not only require good products or services, but they want a good overall experience.

The fact is that so many business failed to survive because of lack of proper planning and excellent customer service.

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This is why offering a good experience will boost customer satisfaction and brand equity. But how do you provide your customers with a good experience? Below are some of the best ways businesses can boost their customer service for better results:

#1]. Always be a good listener

Customer service is all about listening and solving problems. As a business owner or manager, you have to ensure that your customer service team is equipped with the necessary skills to handle customer complaints.

Some customers will be rude, arrogant and highly insulting. A well-trained customer service staff should be able to handle aggressive customers and convert them to advocates or ambassadors.

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The trick is to try to remain calm when dealing with a complaint – even if the customer becomes irate or confrontational. Staff should remember that customers are just like them; they should always put them in their shoes.

#2]. Use supportive questioning

Customer service can also use supportive questioning to identify and anticipate customer needs. There is a fine line between following up and inadvertently swaying a customer to dwell upon his bad mood.

Don’t ask leading, negative questions such as “Is there anything else wrong?” when dealing with angry customers because it wouldn’t solve the problems.

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Rather, you should conversely inquire how you may be able to further assist. Such supportive questions as “How else can I help you today?” will show that you are ready and willing to address anything else the customer needs.

#3]. Make customers feel important and appreciated

Always treat your customers like valued partners and they will always come back to do business with you.

“The simple fact is that engaged and highly valued customers would be more than satisfied and more than loyal”

Rewarding loyalty is another good way customer service can be boosted to increase customer patronage. This means you are making customers feel important and appreciated for patronising your business.

As a business owner, getting into your customer minds is highly essential as this is the only way to understand them and offer what they want, which will in turn, generate some revenues for your business.

But will you be able to get into your customer minds without building relationships with them? This is why building business customer relationships helps you to know what your customers want and how best you can make them happy for repeat business.

#4]. Know how to apologise when something goes wrong

Apologising when something goes wrong is good but don’t be passive-aggressive about it. Saying something like “We’re sorry that you are having this problem” is an infuriating phrase for a customer to hear. It is nothing more than the deferment of blame.

Far too many use this sort of language by accident. The attempt to apologise comes off as dismissive, all thanks to a misuse of tone.

Just say you’re sorry. Even when the customer is being unreasonable, apologise outright and ask how you might help resolve the issue. If you come across a lost cause, keep it friendly, keep it professional, and keep it moving.

#5]. Treat your staff well

Your employees are your first set of customers that deserve to be treated well. The fact is that employees are the windows through which the customers see or access your business.

If you want your customers to see happy staff who are always ready to help, then you have no option than to make your staff feel highly appreciated, and as an integral part of the business.

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The fact is that happiness is contagious and can be easily noticed by customers. If your staff are happy with the ways you treat them, it will reflect in the ways they deal with customers.

So, as you are making your customers happy, you should also make your staff happy because a happy workforce will effectively help the business to grow and translate to more success.


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