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10 Smart Ways Your Business Can Get Better Social Media Marketing Results

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 12 Min Read
social media marketing for small business

That social media is a useful and great lead generation tool for small business is nothing new. But the problem is how to make social media marketing work for your business.

So how do you ensure that your business gets better social media marketing results? How do you make your business’s social media marketing efforts count?

The fact is that so many small business owners think that social media marketing starts and ends with Facebook and Twitter.

But obviously, this is not true. There are other social media marketing platforms you should be exploring to ensure better results.

How your business can get better social media marketing results

For optimum use of social media, it is important to be able to leverage the many social marketing sites that exist – at least as many as you can use. Learn how your small business can leverage social media for brand awareness and sales.

social media marketing for small business
Social media marketing for small business

Many businesses of all sizes are doing their best to figure out how best to capitalise on social media marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. Below are tips on how your business can get better social media marketing results:

#1]. Develop a strategy and regularly revisit it

Developing a strategy that you can regularly revisit is essential for your business to be able to maximise the benefits of social media marketing. You can’t just launch a marketing campaign without understanding how the platform operates. No, it doesn’t work like that!

In order for you to succeed with social marketing, you will need to gain an understanding of how each tool works and develop a strategy and schedule for orchestrating your strategy. And again, you’ll need to revisit it often so that you can see what is working well and what is not.

You are more likely to succeed in implementing a thoughtful and consistent strategy rather than simply creating accounts and trying to make time for them.


#2]. Don’t just market, socialise as well

Don’t get it twisted, social network sites are meant for networking, not just for business promotion. The primary function of social media platforms is not for business marketing but rather an avenue to socialise with other people.

You can’t just be posting links and status updates and not socialising with others. Your approach to social media could determine how effective you can use the platform.

But the first thing to always remember is that there is more to social media than business marketing. This should be your guide principle if you really want your business to maximise its benefits. The right blend of professional and sociable is important.

#3]. Monitor your social accounts

Monitoring your social media accounts is as important as using it. Don’t get consumed by the quest for success in your social media marketing efforts and then forget to monitor what’s happening on your social media accounts. Check out our article on why it is important to monitor your business social media accounts.

What you should remember is that it is easy for customers to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to make complaints about a company.

There was a popular case of a British Airways customer who used Twitter to complain about how the airline treated him. This particular tweet went viral and must have had some negative impacts on the airline’s reputation.

#4]. Integrate and diversify your social media activities

One of the best things about social media sites is the fact that they can be integrated into other sites and vice versa. For you to fully make use of social media platform, it is advisable that you integrate other activities into social media and vice versa. This is one of the best ways your business can get better social media marketing results.

When you leverage this ability of social media, you can be sure of getting better results as well as save time on your online marketing. The simple fact is that your business website will surely benefit from web traffic through popular social bookmarking websites. You can add social bookmarking tools to your website to help your customers share your content on Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

There are many ways to leverage social media to send traffic to your website and to leverage your website to build up your social media profiles and following.

Also, you can set your business blog up to automatically post your updates on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other accounts. Conversely, you can add a Facebook or Twitter widget to your blog or add a plug-in for lead generation to your Facebook page that feeds information into your CRM tool.

#5]. Follow good social media marketing etiquette

It’s not the end of the world if you are a late bloomer in the social marketing space but you don’t want this to be glaringly obvious because many of your customers and prospects are extremely social media savvy.


So many small businesses are making some expensive social media mistakes, don’t be one of them. Learn the socially acceptable etiquette rules. This is important so that you can show customers you are a consummate professional.

If you appear to be a newbie on these tools, people probably won’t take you seriously. A bit of research and reading some tips guides for various tools can help you avoid looking unprofessional.

#6]. Analyse your website traffic reports

If you want to be able to get better results for your social media marketing investments, it’s important to always monitor and analyse your website traffic reports.

This will help you determine where you are getting results and traffic from. For better understanding, check our previous article on 5 Key Google Analytics Report Tools every webmaster should take seriously.

One of the main reasons why you should analyse your website traffic reports is because you will be able to use the information gathered to help you tweak a strategy or spend even more time and resources somewhere that is bringing you great results.

#7]. Leverage great social media tools to help you

Social media marketing can be time-consuming. If you truly want your business to benefit from social media, it’s important to ensure that your business makes use of social media marketing tools that can help you save time and resources.

The simple fact is that it’s not just about being on Twitter and Facebook because there is more to social media marketing than that.

But there are social media marketing tools that can help in many ways including helping you save time with automatic posting and extracting valuable analytics for you to use for strategy purposes.

#8]. Watch and monitor your competitors

The business environment is always highly competitive and to be able to stand a better chance in a competitive business environment, you must watch and monitor your competitors. Also, you must have a strong business marketing strategy.

Competitive analysis is vital in the current day and age and social marketing makes it easier than ever because of the transparent nature of the web. Your business success could depend on how effectively and efficiently you can adapt to the ever-changing and always competitive business environment.

Watching your competitors can help you see what they are doing well and what they are not doing so well and this information can help you improve your approach. Don’t forget, your marketing strategy can also help deliver better results for your business.

#9]. Listen to your customers and learn about them

No doubt about it, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others can help you gain invaluable insight for future reference. Don’t neglect to pay close attention to what sort of reaction you get from various strategies with these tools. They can help you build strong bonds and loyalty with your customers.


The fact is that brands are more engaged with their customers through social media than any other means. Using social media to engage and improve customer relationships will undoubtedly help drive real business results which can include reducing the cost of support, improving customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty, and driving revenue.

Simply put, for business owners to get real and quantifiable social media marketing ROI, there is the need to make sure that they listen to their customers. See how small business can gain from listening to their social media customers.

#10]. It’s all about quality contents – don’t offer less

Another great way your business can get better social media marketing results is to offer quality contents. I know you are probably tired of hearing this. But it’s really true. If you don’t offer quality and valuable contents, no one will ever take you seriously.

Quality counts if you really want to leverage social media’s ability and capability. This is why you should make providing value and quality rather than quantity a priority. It doesn’t matter how you get quality content; you can write your own posts, record your own videos, embed other peoples’ YouTube videos, use EZA articles or whatever.

Online communities can be a great place to leverage your expertise and to build a brand. If you strive to provide value in everything you do, including posting helpful updates and sharing useful info (especially if it’s not always self-serving) you can leverage social media to help you with your search engine optimisation, your reputation, your customer relationship management, and more.


10 Smart Ways Your Business Can Get Better Social Media Marketing Results
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