How AI is Changing Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence is changing how businesses operate nowadays. This article highlights the impacts of AI on businesses and how it is changing customer service...

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Artificial Intelligence is changing how businesses operate nowadays. But what are the impacts of AI on businesses and how is it changing customer service?

No doubt about it, artificial intelligence is constantly changing how people work and interact in many digital industries. Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing the finance industry as a matter of fact.

For example, AI-powered solutions already conduct more than 85% of all customer service interactions. This technology is a solution for businesses to boost real-time customer service. Also, it helps change how customer service solutions are designed.

AI Impacts On Businesses

To say AI is now everywhere is not an understatement. No industry is left out; from the automobile, finance to human resources, and even the gaming industry. So the next time you seek customer service at your favorite Online Casino, AI technology may help you quickly solve the problem.

Before AI-powered customer service solutions, each customer interaction was handled by a customer service agent. Customer service is essential in building a loyal customer base. However, it’s one of the first services to be outsourced by companies.

This is due to the high cost of training and salaries in one of the highest turnover positions within a company. In the long run, it was easier and cheaper to outsource customer service to another call center or temp agency while sacrificing quality support to the customer.

AI Makes Informed Customer Service Decisions

AI has always followed a human mental strategy framework, which means it’s similar to natural human intelligence and helps automated devices make calculated decisions. However, AI performs equal tasks more efficiently.

As a result, its use in customer service has tremendous possibilities. Early uses of AI in customer service platforms have been shown to improve retention. It can also reduce costs and increase revenue because of the resulting high customer satisfaction rate.

There is no limit to the memory capacity of AI platforms. They generate responses quickly without the need to research, leading to shorter interaction times that can’t be duplicated by humans.


Not only is it making self-service interactions more instinctive, but the platform is also constantly learning from each interaction. It learns how to resolve customer issues by identifying them and sometimes resolving issues before they arise.

Faster Responses Using Chatbot Technology

Nowadays, chatbot technology helps in providing better customer service. The technology makes it possible for businesses to respond to various customer requests immediately.

Chatbots are used as the first line of support rather than having humans respond to the typical needs of the customer. They use AI technology to handle the most common customer questions. Also, chatbots help decrease traffic to additional support pipelines.

Chatbots even engage with customers by giving feedback in a very conversational tone, allowing customers to have an interface available in which they can ask questions in a natural manner.

AI-powered chatbots have forever changed the way businesses assist customers, giving them a better overall experience. Companies have taken advantage of how AI gives their customers more personalized support with a faster and more efficient interaction than they ever had with human agents in the past.

Lower Costs

Upgrading from inefficient and outdated technology to using AI-enabled virtual assistants and chatbots is changing businesses worldwide. For example, just using chatbot technology alone has been shown to save businesses in customer service agent salaries.

It helps reduce the number of agents and only retains top agents to handle more complex customer issues. As businesses are always searching for ways to cut costs, AI is a necessary customer service solution for a company looking to minimize expenses.

The cost of setting up a programmable customer service solution using AI technology can be expensive. However, the savings in customer care agent salaries along with the improved level of service will not only reduce business costs but also help retain customers.

Undoubtedly, there will be further innovations in AI business applications to improve future customer service interactions. Therefore, companies that decide to implement AI technology into their customer service platforms will benefit tremendously from implementing it.

Although it might be true that this technology could replace many jobs, this fact does not outweigh the benefits of adopting it as part of an enhanced digital solution.


How AI is Changing Customer Service
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