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How To Hire Good and Licensed Customs Brokers For Your Business

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 7 Min Read

As you probably guessed, customs brokers ensure your goods are clear through customs. They manage your import procedures to move goods across borders.

If your business operation involves importing goods from abroad, using a customs broker can really help. They can help take your business to the next level by helping you to navigate the complexities of international trade and clear the path for your goods to safely arrive.

In other words, customs brokers and agents help simplify customs brokerage, by knowing your business, anticipating your needs, and clearing the path.

Hiring Good and Licensed Customs Brokers

With customs agents and brokers, you can fast-pace manage your import procedures to move goods across borders. Moreover, they reduce the complexity of customs for your company while doing so.

When you engage with the correct customs broker, you are assured of timely delivery of goods and compliance with the rules and regulations.

This is why choosing and evaluating your broker is an all-important decision that you should make. Below are several factors to consider when hiring a good and licensed customs broker for your business.

#1]. Local Presence and Global Scale

Companies with a global presence usually encounter challenges in delivering a uniform service standard across their markets. Likewise, you would be guaranteed the same service irrespective of the country when you work with a licensed customs handling broker with global governance strutted and a strong local presence.

Companies like FedEx or DHL, for instance, have a presence in more than 200 countries and usually process over 7 million customs entries every year. Therefore, their experience and knowledge of these custom brokers in each country are invaluable since their familiarity can be directly translated to greater efficiency at clearing goods.

Not every broker has experience providing services to some industries while dealing with several government agencies. Therefore, you should choose a customs-approved broker with proven experience in handling your specific needs.


Importing or exporting a specific type of goods is usually more accessible when you have an experienced broker instead of a general customs broker. This would help you save a lot of money and time.

#2]. Good Relationship With the Government Authorities

To deal with customs procedures that usually differ across several countries, brokers must first be well-acquainted with the local, regional, and even global government authorities.

Therefore, brokers with good working relationships will be very beneficial for resolving and understanding issues during the shipping process.

#3]. Find Custom Brokers Close to your Concerned Ports

When importing through several ports, it is better to choose a customs broker with an office close to your concerned ports.

If you choose one that relies only on subcontractors or networks, you might have lost documents during processing, significant delays, and other issues.

#4]. Training And Education

Your chosen customs broker should be able to give your company regular seminars or training that would educate the company on the latest regulations of customs procedures. This would foster better understanding when facilitating the clearance of imports.

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work with the best customs broakers

#5]. Choose Fully-automated Brokers

Customs filing is now electronic, however, some brokers in customs still use government paper updates and manual billing. This usually results in information and data not being regularly updated.

Therefore, when you hire a customs broker, you should choose one that is fully automated not only in documents but in every area of communication.

#6]. Find a Dedicated Broker Team

Many custom firms additionally offer other related services, which usually creates doubts in the clients’ minds as to their priority.

However, reputable companies that provide additional services prove that they can grow in their industry while creating a more comprehensive range of services for their client’s needs.

However, you should ensure that the firm you choose has a dedicated team for customs brokering with good expertise that you can trust and need.


#7]. Research the Customs Broker

You should not just rely on recommendations from friends. It would be best if you did your own research. Search first for names, then create a list of competitive companies you want to consider.

When you have had a list of about four or five brokers, review everything you can about the companies, including their pricing, reviews, reputation, past clients, and other needed information. This would help you with your options and make the right decision.

#8]. Choose a Custom Broker Which Suits Your Import Business

For some people, the best choice is to choose large customer broker companies. This is because of the thinking that they would have every necessary facilities and network that would make them represent you efficiently.

However, some experts have argued that small-to-medium businesses usually benefit from hiring small-to-medium customs brokers. If your chosen broker deals with big companies having great import value, the chances are they would be giving them more attention.

That’s a Wrap

When you find an excellent customs broker, you should work with them well. Also, keep in mind that they are the representatives of your business.

However, always remember that for your company to operate smoothly, it remains your sole responsibility. So, regular monitoring of imports should also be a priority for you.



How To Hire Good and Licensed Customs Brokers For Your Business
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  • I appreciate you reminding me that it’s preferable to work with a customs broker who has an office near the ports you’re concerned about when importing through many ports. I will absolutely share this with my cousin to keep in mind, as she has expressed interest in hiring one to assist with her business. In addition, I’ll look into experts that could assist her with it.

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