Living a healthy life style some times only requires being involved in simple but yet effective activities such as laughing, walking, jugging, drinking water etc.

Do you know that taking a lunch time walk down the street can help boost your energy levels as well as improve your general health levels?

This is so because going for a walk during your lunch break makes you less tired and more alert at work.

This finding came from Dr Elizabeth Loughren and colleagues from the University of Birmingham and Bristol University.

So Why Is Strolling Good For A Healthy Life Style?

They investigated whether people with sedentary jobs who took little exercise could improve their health, well-being and work performance by taking 30 minute walks over the lunchtime three times a week.

A total of 57 participants completed a 2km pre- and post-walk test after undertaking the lunchtime walks over a period of 16 weeks.

The results showed that participants were able to complete the 2km walk much faster than before.

This suggests improvements in fitness, and that they felt less tired and more alert at work for the rest of the day.

Dr Loughren said: “Employers should be aware that by encouraging workers to take a quick walk in the early afternoon they can help maintain energy levels and improve general health levels.”


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  1. There are lots of little but useful daily exercises that contribute towards a healthy living and I think strolling is one of them. A healthy life is a life that is engaged in more exercises and eat healthy stuff


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