Have you tried African swimwear or swimsuit inspired by African cultures with traditional colours and textiles?

Summer is here again, the sunning time and a pleasantly fun time for beachgoers. Have you got your beach kits ready? I suggest you add these colourful and durable African swimwears.

From South Africa to The Gambia, from Kenya to Gabon, Africa is a continent with a huge and vibrant beach culture and beauty.

The continent is full of creative fashion designers with a mission to showcase the beauty of African culture to the world.

African swimwear

Do I love summertime? Yes, I do! Summertime is the best time for going to the beach and camping as well as fishing and boating. It’s a fun time when people are engaged in various activities while enjoying their bright sunning days.

Whilst getting your summer beach kits ready, I will like to remind you to add African print swimwears to your list of items.

I love the African print on swimwear, elegant, sexy and unique.

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#1]. Aya Morrison African Swimwear

Aya Morrison's scarlett monokini
Inspired by African cultures with traditional colours and textiles for their vibrant prints, these African print swimwears are exclusively for the contemporary woman who expresses her inner style and confidence by embracing femininity, colour and culture.

The Aya Morrison Swimwear collection comes in different designs, sizes, colours and forms include pants, all-in-ones, dresses, shirts and shorts. Check out her website @ for more information.

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#2]. Bantu African Swimwear

Bantu African Swimwear

Bantu is another African-inspired and African-made swimwear brand, whose mission is to ”introduce the world to African beach culture by creating a hot line of beach and resort wear, accessories, and skincare products using indigenous prints and materials.

The Bantu collection is for people from all walks of life who share the same love for the beach and also the desire to have a chance to contribute to change in Africa. Check out their website @ for more information.

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#3]. ÒKUN African Swimwear

ÒKUN African Swimwear

Also in the list is ÒKUN, an African-inspired quality swimwear brand, forged out of the desire to communicate a new message in printed beachwear through the bold colours and language of African print.

ÒKUN’s SS13 collection is infused with the carefree confidence of newly independent West and Central Africa of the 60s & 70s. It features traditional Congolese Kuba and Ghanaian Adinkra motifs alongside contemporary Nigerian prints which beautifully offset the detailed tailoring in their shorts.

ÒKUN is the Yoruba word for the Ocean and this trans-continental spirit underlines our dream of realising a contemporary pan-African fashion brand. This is the vision we proudly express on an international stage. Check out their website @ for more information.


Have You Tried These Cool African Swimwear And Swimsuits?
PIN IT: Have You Tried These Cool African Swimwear And Swimsuits?
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  1. Another great post by the lady in da house lol
    I think I should ask my wife to come look around maybe she would be able to have some stuff on her next shopping lists!

  2. Well, I have not tried any of these suggested swim wears and infact, I didn’t know they exist.
    Now I have other options than the usual stuff.
    Thanks for the article

  3. African fashion especially the African print have not had proper coverage in Western media.

    All we see in our TV are sick and hungry people as well as people fighting senseless wars.

    I wonder why our media don’t want to show the world the other beauties of Africa people.

    Anyway, thanks for this post because now I know where to go for my summer shopping.


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