A Guide to Social Media Customer Care

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To say that social media customer care is essential for brands to engage customers is not an overstatement. But how well are businesses using social media?

Nowadays, social media platform is where people go to network. However, customers are also using the platform to reach out to their favourite brands, especially when they want to express their displeasure over certain products or services of the brand.

Some experts believe that social media has become an integral part of our daily activities. But how well are people really using social media? What do they use the platform for mostly?

Brands, Customers and Social Media

Social media has become an essential tool for brands not only for marketing but also for customer engagement. As a business, reputation is very important, and being active on social media is important too.

As a matter of fact, one customer may post a query on your Facebook page, while another tweets you with a complaint. However, if you left complaints unattended on social media, your brand is going to suffer for it.

For instance, British Airways already experienced this when a customer used social media to complain about his experience. The tweet by the customer attracted a high volume of responses and it almost ruined the reputation of British Airways.

Managing your brand reputation

It’s important for brands to properly manage their online reputation. The fact is that your reputation is at stake when consumer interaction becomes so public. But how can you ensure customer satisfaction without compromising your brand?

As a brand or business owner, it’s important to be able to have a dedicated team to deal with customer concerns on social media. This will help you to learn and plan how to deal with these situations in advance.

Also, it means that you will be perfectly placed to turn a customer issue into positive publicity. Therefore, make sure you train and equip your customer service team on how to use social media for business.


Listen to your customers

Arguably, being able to listen is the most valuable principle when it comes to customer care. And that doesn’t mean waiting for the little red notification that tells you you’ve been “mentioned”: You need to take steps to figure out when people are talking about you.

People say harsh things when they’re letting off steam. You can own the situation by listening to complaints and resolving them with grace and transparency.

Our new infographic provides a thorough introduction to the state of play regarding social media customer care. Insights into the true impact of this new phenomenon are transformed into methods for doing it right.

Social media can be a fun and productive element of your business, as long as you know what you’re doing. Beef up on these hints and tips, and you’ll soon be ready to lead the conversation online.

A Guide to Social Media Customer Care

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