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Best Alternative Platforms To Grow Your TikTok Followers

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 7 Min Read

To say TikTok has become a social media platform to be is not an overstatement. Young people have made TikTok their number one social video platform.

The platform continues to grow even in the face of the recent United States government’s threats of banning the app.

Although, banning TikTok in the US may not happen again as it seems that the US Commerce Department has halted a ban on TikTok for now.

So, does that mean we can all say TikTok is here to stay, or is it too early to celebrate? We don’t know what will happen to the platform in the future, and whatever happens, at least can all still enjoy TikTok for now.

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Making money on TikTok

The fact is that TikTok is still attracting new users and advertisers despite all kinds of threats and allegations against the platform.

As a social media platform, we all know TikTok is really popular. But do people really make money on TikTok and how do they?

The growing popularity of TikTok across the globe has opened a window of opportunity for brands to advertise and reach a wide range of target audiences.

Not only that but also as a TikTok influencer, there are so many ways through which you can make money on the platform.

Tools to grow your TikTok followers

However, just like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, making money on TikTok will require you have the right amount of followers.

Grow your TikTok followers with ease

To naturally grow your TikTok is a great idea, but the fact is that it’s sometimes really hard to do this. So, how do you grow your TikTok followers? Well, you will have to start by posting great content. Great content sells better and they have the potential of going viral.

As a content creator, you have to be aware of the fact that people on social media platforms value great content more than anything. It’s the easiest way to attract and convince people to follow your channel.

However, if you have great content but still struggling to grow your followers, there are great tools out there that can help increase your followers. Below are some of the best alternative tools to easily grow your TikTok followers:

#1]. Trollishly


Trollishly also sells TikTok followers, fans, likes, shares, comments, and others. They offer a variety of different packages to give you the best value for TikTok likes and followers.

For just as little as $2.59, you can easily grow your TikTok followers and popularity with ease. Trollishly promises to deliver all of your TikTok likes and followers within a minute after completing your order.

#2]. Managergram

Skyrocket your popularity with Managergram

Managergram offers one of the cheapest ways to grow your followers on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others. You can easily grow your TikTok followers, build up your account, and improve your visibility.

Managergram’s monthly fees range from $10 for 500 monthly followers to $178 for 10,000 monthly followers. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you get refunded if you are not completely satisfied and decide to discontinue using the service within 30 days of the first purchase.

#3]. InstaFollowers


It usually takes time to gain an audience on TikTok, especially, if your account is relatively new. With InstaFollowers, you are at the right place to grow your TikTok account.

InstaFollowers can provide your desired amount of followers. It’s one of the best services to use to instantly grow your followers. From $4.39, you can buy TikTok followers, TikTok comments, likes, and others.

#4]. Celebian

Grow your TikTok followers with Celebian


is another website where you can buy TikTok followers for your account. You can get yourself more fans for $4.99 and they promise fast delivery and real quality. They offer a wide variety of packages at various price points.

Also, they can help boost your posts with likes for as little as $2.49. Improve your content views with their cheapest package starting at $1.49 and you’ll get views within minutes. They offer trial views for free so that you can judge for yourself.

#5]. Celebritik

Celebritik is another great platform to buy TikTok followers if you want to grow your TikTok. It helps you launch your TikTok social media success with high quality and fast delivery of TikTok Followers, likes, and even views.


With just $2, you can get as many as 100 high-quality followers or 250 followers for $4.99. However, if you want more TikTok followers, you can go for 500 followers or more.

You can even get more depending on your budget and needs. Celebritik is one of the fastest TikTok service providers available online that can boost your profile.

#6]. TikTok Fame

Grow your TikTok followers with TikTokFame

TikTok Fame is a great platform you can use for all things Tiktok. You can use the tool to grow your TikTok and boost your popularity on the social media platform.

For instance, $5 will get you 100 TikTok followers while you can buy 500 for $15. They promised to deliver within 30 seconds and your account won’t be banned.

#7]. TikTokPalace



can help you expand your following and increase your TikTok profile exposure. It claims to offer genuine, high-quality followers and views using discrete and reliable technology.

Their TikTok promotion packages offer cutting-edge solutions that will instantly upgrade your online presence. Services offered include TikTok followers, views, likes, comments, and shares.



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