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TIKTOK Marketing: How To Go Viral On TikTok and Grow Your Followers

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 8 Min Read
TikTok marketing for brands

With more than one billion users and presence in over 150 countries, TikTok has become a major player when it comes to social media. But you know how to go viral on TikTok and grow your followers?

No doubt about it, TikTok is has taken the world by storm with over 800 million monthly active users and more than 1.5 billion downloads worldwide.

TikTok was recently confronted with all kinds of propagandas and negative news coverage in the Western mainstream media outlets. But it seems the social media platform has survived all the attacks thrown at it.

Now, TikTok has finally arrived for brand marketing and promotion. However, can TikTok marketing be a great option for your business? Do you know how your brand can get the most out of this trending social media platform?

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How To Go Viral On TikTok and Grow Your Followers

Do you want to grow your business reach on TikTok? TikTok advertising could be a great option for your brand. Their recently launched TikTok For Business is where you can unleash your brand’s creative side.

TikTok for Business

It’s a new platform that serves as a home for TikTok’s marketing solutions for marketers and brands. Also, it provides new ad formats including TopView which is the ad that users will see when they first open TikTok.

If you want to grow your followers on TikTok, the best and most important strategy is to create awesome content. As a matter of fact, TikTok is essentially a platform for awesome content. So, there is no way you will grow your followers without content.


#1]]. Create highly interesting content

As previously mentioned, content is the heart and soul of any brand on social media. Be more creative, funny, and witty with your content. Brands on TikTok are already posting great content to engage their audience and give them reasons to leave comments.

Make funny videos because they have the potential to go viral within a short period of time. Dress up in a funny costume and then add some touches of humour to your video. No need to be too professional about your videos.

However, don’t forget about the quality of your content as the more quality content you have the better for your brand. Mind you, TikTok’s quality is in some ways different from Instagram’s quality.

As a matter of fact, Instagram is all about photos or videos of beautiful people and amazing views. However, TikTok is a lot different from that as it’s more about raw but interesting and funny content.

#2]]. Don’t keep your followers waiting

Posting new content regularly is a great way to keep your existing followers happy and attract new followers. Prepare content in advance and showcase your creative skills in your video’s description.

The mark of a good influencer and brand on any platform, including TikTok, is to post content regularly. This means you should posts videos on a daily basis (it could be once a day or up to 3 times daily.

Be more active and always have some content to post. Just like blogging and other social media platforms, it’s all about creating valuable content that people will love to see, read, share, like, and comment on.

Also, actively engage your audience with content that will make them go wow. You should know that active TikTok accounts always attract followers and witness the biggest growth on the platform.

#3]]. keep an eye on your competitors

Your competitors are out there and they are always aiming to steal the limelight from you. Just like other popular social media platforms, if you want to grow your followers, you have to always keep an eye on your competitors.

The fact is that every brand on social media wants to grab the attention of their target audience. There is no better way to achieve this than to engage and impress your audience.

keeping an eye on your competitors is good and it doesn’t matter whether they are near or far. Even if your competitors are doing nothing or not doing much on TikTok, they can still steal your fans within a month.

#4]]. Make use of TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges have proven to be an effective way to get people engaged and grow followership. Challenging people to a “copycat” of your awesome content can help improve your brand’s reach on the platform.


Challenges can be downright ridiculous, but they can also be fun. Be part of the TikTok challenges, get people to talk about your content and brand. This is a great way to go viral on TikTok and it could happen overnight!

#5]]. Collaboration is good too

Consider collaborating with others to get more or better exposure for your content. Also, collaboration with certain TikTok influencers can help improve your creative skills and your overall viral-ability.

The fact is that sometimes, working alone can be creatively exhausting. It means you can run out of ideas pretty quickly and this is not good for someone or a brand that wants to grow followers.

#6]]. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags have become one of the essential aspects of social media and they are especially good for content exposure. Test, measure, and monitor hashtags, optimize, find new ones to improve your content’s reach on the platform.

Make sure all your videos have well-crafted, short, and concise descriptions. Also, ensure that every one of your videos has the right relevant hashtags.

Spying is allowed; find the right tools to spy on your competitors to see their frequently used performing hashtags. Then inject yourself in the most suitable hashtags for you. Hashtags are so powerful and they can help you grow your followers.



How To Go Viral On TikTok and Grow Your Followers
PIN IT: TIKTOK Marketing: How To Go Viral On TikTok and Grow Your Followers
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