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Gmelius Lets You Manage Your Clients and Projects inside your inbox

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Gmelius lets you manage your projects and teams

Most entrepreneurs out there today have more than two essential apps and tools they use almost daily. But why have so many apps when you can get Gmelius?

Techs and modern business tools like Gmelius are making life easier for busy entrepreneurs nowadays. With this powerful business tool, you can easily accomplish more without leaving your inbox.

You don’t need to have so many apps and tools to successfully run a business today. Running a business today is all about efficiency. So, having the right tools will surely help to take your business to the next level.

Track and automate your outbound communications with Gmelius
Gmelius lets you track and automate your outbound communications with ease

What is Gmelius?

Trusted by thousands of teams and loved by 100,000+ professionals across the globe, Gmelius is arguably the best app for Gmail. The tool helps you reach more prospects and clients, track your communications and close more deals.

Also, Gmelius offers a full suite of tools to help your business grow and makes your Gmail inbox instantly smarter and safer. It easy to use and you can even personalise your Gmail inbox to your style and preferences in order to fit your habits and workflow.

Why You Should Get Gmelius?

If productivity and efficiency is your goal, then you need a tool or app that can help you make the most of your team. It doesn’t matter whether you manage a small or big team of people, Gmelius lets your team collaborate in real-time – without adding another tool.

Arguably the most modern email collaboration tool, Gmelius offers features built to help solve problems with email collaboration. Also, it offers a seamlessly integrated lightweight CRM with real-time collaboration.

Other available awesome features include email tracker, scheduler, collaborative kanban boards, email notes, shared email templates, follow-ups, mail merge and more. Below are some of the reasons why you should get Gmelius Free Trial Now!

#1]. Workflow automation

Easily automate your workflow with Gmelius


With Gmelius, you can easily put your team’s work on autopilot to improve efficiency as well as productivity. Gmelius sequences can automate much more than your email outreach.

Also, you can create shareable smart sequences with “If This – Then That” instructions. From email drip campaigns to your team’s internal workflows. Gmelius makes your inbox instantly smarter and safer!

#2]. Pipeline monitoring

Gmelius boards give you clear visibility over your client and project pipelines – without having to leave your inbox. You can turn emails into task cards with one click and add them to your team boards. Everyone is now on the same page with a visual representation of communications, accountability, and necessary actions.

Simplify teamwork with Gmelius
Simplify teamwork with Gmelius

#3]. Team collaboration

Easily bring your team together in one place

With Gmelius, your team can now easily collaborate via Shared Inbox and Help Desk ticketing system.

It offers a suite of collaboration features designed to bring your team together including their communications and the teamwork that follows. Collaboration means that your team can easily share ideas and useful information among themselves. It also means you are getting the best out of your team and accomplish more.



Gmelius Lets You Manage Your Clients and Projects inside your inbox
PIN IT: Gmelius Lets You Manage Your Clients and Projects inside your inbox
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