10 Best Freelancing Sites To Find And Hire The Best Remote Developers

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There are talents everywhere and luckily, freelancing sites can help you find the best talents and remote developers for your next big projects.

Not only that but there is also a problem of “long-term association” as most of the freelancers on freelancing sites don’t want to stay for long with a client before moving on to other projects.

This is a common mindset issue that most of the people looking to hire the best remote developers often are expected to deal with in their quest to get the best hands to handle their projects.

But thanks to the internet, freelancing sites and jobs are improving. One can now easily find and hire quality remote developers anywhere across the globe. You don’t need to spend hours talking on the phone to somebody you don’t really know on the other side.


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Also, you don’t have to send hundreds of emails before you can get the job done. Most freelancing sites out there will handle the communication as well as the payment for you so that you can rest assured.

Freelancing sites for remote developers

There are so many freelancing sites out there for anyone looking to hire remote developers. But there is always a problem of reliability when it comes to hiring people you don’t know to work on a certain project.

So how reliable are some of these freelancing sites? What about communication and the payment process? How easy can clients communicate with developers? These and others are some of the questions confronting potential clients.

To make the job easy for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best freelancing sites where you can find and hire the best remote developers. Our list is based on positive reviews and we hope that they will be of great help to you.

#1]. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent targets businesses, agencies and freelancers
Hubstaff Talent is 100% free

Hubstaff Talent is 100% free online directory featuring some of the world’s top freelancers. It’s a platform for remote workers and agencies to showcase their work, and business owners to find great people to work with.


It is clean, easy-to-use and straightforward. It lets you search thousands of contractors based on skill, location or category.

#2]. Toptal

Toptal only accepts top 3% of the best talents
Toptal only accepts top 3% of the best talents

Toptal.com is a popular destination for people that want to hire some of the best talents for their projects. It’s a trusted platform for helping the best designers and developers find work.

The platform has a demanding testing process that ensures only the top 3% of freelancers are accepted. Toptal clients include brands such as AirBnB, Emirates, J.P. Morgan etc.

#3]. UpWork

Upwork has a large pool of top-quality freelancers
Upwork has a large pool of top-quality freelancers

UpWork.com is a popular freelancing site and prides itself as the world’s largest freelance talent marketplace. It offers 3 levels of service namely Upwork, Upwork Pro, and Upwork Enterprise so that clients and businesses alike can choose the level of service they need.

It has millions of users across the globe offering work that covers a huge number of industries.

#4]. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a top freelancing site for remote workers
We Work Remotely is a top freelancing site for remote workers

We Work Remotely is another great site to post remote jobs and for freelancers to find jobs. Here you can find the most qualified people for your project and it has an extensive list of jobs and top-quality freelancers.

Unlike Toptal, their jobs board does not have a rigorous testing system to vet freelancers but it does features a great list of talented remote developers.

#5]. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is a leading job board for remote work
RemoteOK is one of the leading online job boards for remote work

RemoteOK is one of the leading freelancing sites where you can find and hire the best remote developers anywhere across the globe.

Jobs posted on this platform has a monthly reach of over 500,000 remote workers which means there is always someone out there to hire. Majority of developers and freelancers here are experienced remote workers who are also talented and knowledgeable.

#6]. Working Nomads

Working Nomads curates the best digital jobs on the net
Working Nomads curates some of the best digital jobs for remote workers

Working Nomads is a job curation platform that curates digital jobs for remote workers. It curates a huge list of best remote jobs from around the internet for remote developers across the globe.

The site allows you to work remotely as a digital nomad or work from home as a telecommuting employee for a remote startup.

#7]. Hired

Hired is a career marketplace for top talents
Hired is arguably the best career marketplace for the top talents

Hired.com is another freelancing site for remote work jobs that should be considered as part of your recruitment strategy. It’s an online marketplace for engineering talent with the right qualifications, experience, and expertise.


It lets businesses set up a robust company profile on the platform. Businesses can then fill out their hiring needs and the platform will deliver precise matches (freelancers) for the job.

#8]. Flexjobs

FlexJobs is a big jobs site featuring thousands of vacancies
FlexJobs is a big jobs site featuring thousands of vacancies

Flexjobs curates listings for flexible and part-time positions covering more than 50 career tracks. Job positions here are from legitimate companies because Flexjobs screens each telecommuting job before making them available to remote workers.

Also, the company provides skills testing, job search tips and special members-only discounts through the site’s partners.

#9]. Gun.io

Gun.io has helped hundreds of businesses and top brands
Gun.io has helped hundreds of businesses and top brands

Gun.io is one of the world’s best networks for freelance professionals. It focuses on getting the best, dedicated, and trusted freelance developers.

The platform is where your business can build exceptional products by leveraging a fully remote freelance workforce. It attracts skilled professionals who thrive on autonomy.


#10]. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs features creative jobs from top brands like Apple and Facebook
Authentic Jobs features creative jobs from top brands like Apple and Facebook

Authentic Jobs helps connect companies with best available talents. This freelancing site describes itself as ‘a job board for hackers, designers and creative pros’.

The platform is one of the best destinations for web and creative professionals as well as the companies seeking to hire them. It has a large number of good remote developers looking for job opportunities.


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