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How to Establish Your Brand as a Female Tech Entrepreneur

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Women are a rapidly rising demographic in the technology field, but nevertheless, they remain a minority in a male-dominated industry.

With women in tech still being outnumbered by men in most business meetings — and on many leadership teams — breaking norms has proven difficult, even as demand for workplace diversity grows.

For many female tech entrepreneurs, establishing a brand and making a name for themselves has proven to be an uphill battle.

Oftentimes, consumers and professionals carry subconscious biases that make it difficult for women in tech to build trust, respect, and widespread recognition.

In this article, we’ll explain how to establish your brand as a female tech entrepreneur in four effective ways. These tips will help you differentiate your brand and succeed in the world of technology, even when males dominate the room.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge Through Content Marketing

Getting taken seriously in a male-dominated industry is a major barrier for women in tech. However, if you clearly demonstrate your knowledge of your field, your customers and competitors won’t be able to deny your expertise.

A content marketing strategy can help you position yourself as an industry leader, all while boosting engagement with your brand. It gives you the chance to offer value to your customers.

For example, if you set up a business blog, you can answer common questions customers have in your industry, as well as offer tips to alleviate their pain points.

Including video in your content marketing strategy can further help you establish your expertise and your brand on growing platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Video allows you to present your knowledge in a more engaging, shareable medium, so potential customers pay more attention.


Embrace Clear Values

Many tech entrepreneurs can do the same work as you, but your company’s core values can greatly differentiate your brand. When your values align with the values of your target market, your potential customers can feel more compelled to become loyal supporters of your brand.

Knowing your values can also help you create a more consistent customer experience at every touchpoint, so your brand remains memorable across platforms. Consider how you can embrace your status as a female tech entrepreneur to choose a memorable set of values.

For instance, you can make inclusion and innovation core to your company’s belief system. Forward-thinking customers who value diversity and inclusion will naturally flock to your tech company — especially since your values will be fully reflected by your leadership team.

Identify Your Business Goals

Your efforts to establish your brand should lead to noticeable business results. Otherwise, you’re spending your time inefficiently. To determine whether or not your branding and business growth initiatives are actually working (and therefore, worth your time), it’s important to outline clear, measurable business goals that you can track.

These goals should include incremental benchmarks, so you can regularly compare your progress against a metric. As an example, if you want your branding efforts to increase customer loyalty, you can set quarterly benchmarks for your customer retention rate.

If you hit your target metrics, you’ll know that your efforts are actually helping you succeed — and if you don’t, you’ll know that you need to brainstorm new opportunities to differentiate your company and build a strong customer base.

Reap the Benefits of a Women-Owned Business Certification

Being a female entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a major disadvantage. The government offers resources to help women in businesses compete on a level playing field with male entrepreneurs.

Getting a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification can get you access to exclusive government contracts, educational resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

These networking opportunities can be particularly useful in helping female tech entrepreneurs establish their brands. As you meet industry leaders and other tech entrepreneurs, be intentional about how you present yourself.

Have a memorable elevator pitch prepared for your company and yourself, so other professionals know exactly who you are, what your company does, and what makes you stand out from other tech entrepreneurs.

Better Establish Your Brand

Establishing your brand as a female tech entrepreneur is by no means a piece of cake. However, it doesn’t have to be a near-impossible feat. You can start building a widely trusted and revered brand by offering value (and showing off your expertise) through content marketing.

Then, boost brand recognition by embracing clear company values that appear consistent during all your customer interactions. Taking advantage of networking opportunities can further help you establish who you are as an entrepreneur, as well as spread the word about your company.


No matter what you’re doing to establish your brand, make sure you’re setting business goals to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. When you’re able to track key metrics, you can check if you’re hitting all the benchmarks that make your efforts worth your time.


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