Facebook has lots of search engine potentials and many users, especially, internet marketers are now blurring the lines between social and search.

But the simple fact is that social media SEO benefits are indirect.

No doubt about it, Facebook as a social networking platform is as popular as the water we drink, and the popularity seems to continue to grow.

There was a recent suggestion that Facebook’s user base is declining. But not many people actually agreed with that suggestion.

SEO [search engine optimisation]Today, external websites are being tied to Facebook’s internal systems, allowing the social media site to hop on the search market bandwagon.

Also worth remembering is that Facebook as a business marketing channel is also doing really well.

With that said, it seems like almost every business is now seriously considering integrating Facebook web promotion in their marketing efforts now before they miss out on great online opportunities.

Is Facebook a search engine?

Facebook is not exactly a search engine; or at least it’s not an Internet search tool we’re used to. Nonetheless, one other nagging issue is hitting the heads of SEO experts: Should Google worry about Facebook’s Web promotion SEO potential?

Ever since the social network’s search engine enhancements and open graph were announced, the SEO world has increasingly heard about Facebook SEO.

What’s more is Facebook and Microsoft have partnered, and Bing plans to integrate Facebook features in searches.

It may be too early to say that Facebook SEO has Google shaking at the knees but it does tell us that social media has made a great impact on search engine optimisation.

Other social media platforms

While Facebook remains the most popular social network today, there are other social media sites that can provide direct link building benefits.

LinkedIn, for instance, allows you to freely embed valuable inbound links. There’s also Digg, which has become a destination for social media SEO and even link spamming.

Social Media SEO has evolved significantly over the last ten years or so. It may take a while for you to build an account in each of the major social media sites, but it’s definitely worth it.

Moreover, Facebook web promotion and marketing via social media is a fun marketing strategy. Make the most of this lucrative social media SEO to reap the rewards.

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  1. Great article! I think Facebook offers great opportunity to get better and unique traffic than others…correct me if am wrong pls!

  2. Facebook is becoming one of them online tools one can’t do away with because of the vast sea of resources one can easily tap into!

    • @Partha, I think you are not alone because not all the bloggers actually understand what SEO means. But trust me, it will be helpful for you if you start learning about it now.
      Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting!


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