Facebook has no rival when it comes to social media. The platform now boasts of over 1.79 billion active users and it continues to grow from strength to strength.

This number of active users is about 40 millions more than the population of China which is now 1.40 billion.

The fact is that Facebook’s huge user base has made the platform one of the best marketing channels for top brands as well as small businesses.

You wonder why Facebook is a crucial part of any successful marketer’s strategy? Facebook is one of the best social advertising platforms businesses are using now.

How to make Facebook Marketing work for your business

Mind you, social media marketing is all about number game and this is why Facebook is at the very top of every marketer’s marketing plan.

10 Rules That Will Make Facebook Marketing Work For Your Business
10 Rules That Will Make Facebook Marketing Work For Your Business

The popularity of Facebook offers a huge opportunity for businesses to reach millions of targeted potential customers via Facebook marketing.

However, businesses will have to do more to be able to get users’ attention on the platform.

So, how do you make your content stand out from the rest of content vying for users’ limited time and attention?

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So, how do you make Facebook marketing work for your business? The infographic below highlights the key rules of Facebook marketing to follow for better results and to be able to cut through the noise on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing rules to follow for better results

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