Facebook Ads OR Google Ads: Which One Should Your Business Focus On?

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Facebook Ads OR Google Ads: Which Should Your Business Focus On?
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Digital advertising has been playing a major role when it comes to business marketing. Facebook Ads or Google Ads, which one should your business focus on?

Online digital advertising is thriving as many businesses have found it helpful. Businesses are paying for ads to be displayed alongside Google’s search results or on Facebook’s social media pages.

Each of these advertising programs earns its owner tens of billions of dollars every year. This suggests that there is plenty of value to be found in them.

Decision-makers are not always sure, though, whether it makes more sense to focus on Google or Facebook ads first and foremost.

Coming to an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each system should make the right choice fairly clear.

Facebook Ads OR Google Ads: Which Should Your Business Focus On?

Facebook Ads OR Google Ads

Before deciding to commit a significant amount of money to either Google or Facebook-based ads, it will be best to determine whether there might be other options that should be prioritized first.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services provided by a company like Appiloque, for instance, can produce more exposure for the money on the same pages that Google ads would be displayed on.

Either could very well put a targeted link on many of the five-billion-plus search queries Google responds to every day.


The same goes for developing an active social media presence for a company that lacks one, compared to spending a lot of money on Facebook ads instead. Either might catch the attention of some of Facebook’s one-billion-plus active users, but the former could easily be more cost-effective.

How profitable are paid ads?

Generally speaking, paid ads tend to become more profitable after lower-hanging fruit has already been harvested via methods like SEO and basic social media engagement.

Once it becomes clear that pay-per-click (PPC) makes sense for a given company, choosing between Google and Facebook will often be the most obvious next step.

Just as Google’s search engine and Facebook have very different missions, so do their associated ad programs have their own distinctive features and quirks. Some of the issues that set the two systems apart most obviously are:

#1]. Targeting

Google does everything it can to collect as much data about its users as possible. Facebook is even more ambitious and successful in this regard and also uses the information it gathers more aggressively.

Google ads will be displayed without much regard to the in-depth demographic details of particular search engine users.

Instead, ads tied to particular search terms will be served up so long as basic issues like location have been accounted for.

With Facebook, on the other hand, ad buyers can target users far more precisely. This can be a definite advantage for businesses that can leverage that level of granularity, but it could also make things feel overly complex.

#2]. Reach

For many reasons, Facebook still remains the world’s largest and busiest social media network. However, Google’s search engine is a more popular service by far. Even with that popularity, plenty of people have sworn off Facebook entirely.

Many of these people are from the most desirable age groups and demographic profiles. Just about everyone in the Americas and Europe uses Google, though, making it a somewhat more comprehensive solution.

#3]. Integration

Google has remained resolute about keeping its PPC ads distinct from the search results it returns. Naturally, Facebook ads blend in with the pages they grace and can be gussied up a great deal, as well.

Links that are obviously ads, like Google’s, can actually be advantageous. They help qualify those who click on them as being motivated to buy.


Companies that might benefit from richer, more involved ad creatives, though, will typically find Facebook’s program more enticing.

Taking issues like these into consideration should help highlight whether Google or Facebook ads make more sense for a given company at any point in time.

After gaining some confidence with one program, it will often be productive to at least experiment a bit with the other.



Facebook Ads OR Google Ads: Which Should Your Business Focus On?
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