As a business owner, what are your customer expectations? Are you meeting those expectations?

What do your customers expect to get from doing business with you? Are they satisfied enough for them to come back?

These are some of the questions you have to be able to answer as a small business owner if you are really interested in keeping your customers and make more sales.

The fact is that your business can not survive without customers. This is why it’s important to always find ways to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Customer is always right?

This is arguably the most commonly used slogan. It is a motto or slogan which exhorts service staff to give a high priority to customer satisfaction – source Wikipedia.

The above slogan signifies the importance of customers to a business. But are customers always right for real? Sometimes, the customer is right and at the same time wrong. Customers may not always be right, but you should always treat them as if they are.

Exceeding customer expectations and grow your business
Customers know they are always “right” and tend to take full advantage of it. Even when customers are obviously wrong, they wouldn’t admit it because some are just trying to save on costs or save face.

However, as a business owner, you should always remember that your main target is to create a long-term satisfaction as well as long-term customer loyalty.

Exceeding customer expectations and grow your business

No doubt about it, some small business owners are obsessed with many facets of their business — improving traffic, increasing conversions, shipping faster than anyone in the business.

But, the one thing you should never stop thinking about is building brand loyalty and exceeding customer expectations. To help you reach for the stars and keep your customers coming back for more, below are some tips on how to exceed customer expectations and achieve rapid growth along the way.

#1]. Put yourself in their shoes

Customers are an integral part of any successful business but you will not be able to understand them better until you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Ask yourself what if I am the customer?

Get into your customers minds and help your business increase sales and revenue. Think about what you would want as a customer of an online store, then become that. Keep the customer centrally focused and, over time, you’ll develop a loyal following.

#2]. Website speed matters

You should be concerned about the speed of your business website if you sell online and you really want your customers to have satisfactory shopping experience.

Nothing frustrates customers more than a slow website. In fact, it’s a massive turn-off when it comes to online shopping. Considering the fact that not everyone has access to top-speed broadband connections, you should be on a never-ending quest for speed by making use of Content Delivery Network.

#3]. Meet your customers where they are

Meet customers where they’re at — and where they’re at right now is their mobile phones. A large proportion of your would-be customers has mobile phone which means they can shop on the go.

Smartphone has created an opportunity for business owners to easily make more sales. But your business can only benefit from this if your website is mobile-friendly or optimised for mobile phone users. Do the right thing now, don’t miss opportunities!


How You Can Easily Exceed Customer Expectations And Grow Your Business
PIN IT: How You Can Easily Exceed Customer Expectations And Grow Your Business

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