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Entrepreneur success does not only rely on innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas, there are other factors that usually contribute to business success that lots of entrepreneurs know about.

When it comes to business success, there are questions such as how to work on a business marketing campaign that leads to millions of sales.

How do you engage your audience in your business marketing campaigns? This and many more are the lessons learned from Gangnam Style music video by PSY.

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Gangnam Style music video

Gangnam style music video business lessions for entrepreneursSince it was posted on Youtube in July 2012, Gangnam Style music video has had more than a billion views.

By the end of 2012, the song had topped the music charts of more than 30 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Within just two months of posting it on Youtube, Gangnam Style’s view increased to an average of over nine million per day and before the end of the year 2012, the song reached a milestone with over a billion views – first of its kind!

Business success lessons from Gangnam Style music video

Ask any entrepreneur, they will tell you that there is more to business success than just the business ideas. Business success entails other factors such as business marketing, execution and others. Below are really good business success lessons entrepreneurs can learn from PSY and Gangnam Style music video.

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#1). Engagement

No matter how good, great or profitable your business idea and innovative thinking might seem to be, your business will still need to get your customers engaged in order to be successful.

Just as Gangnam Style music video is catchy and encourage viewers to participate or even do their own parody, businesses need to make their customers participants rather than just customers.

There is the need to make your customers feel like they are part of the business. This can be done through catchy and incentive activities like raffle draws.

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#2). Change of environment

At times, location of your business might have a huge impact on how successful it becomes. PSY could not make it happen in America probably because the market is over-crowded and it’s more about who knows who.

But what did he do? He returned home and gave it another attempt which later proved to be a smart move. What your business required to be a successful business could be a change of environment, give it a try!

#). Don’t give up

Yes! Don’t give up even if you failed to record success at the initial stage. PSY was unable to make it happen in several attempts in the US, but that did not put him off either.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs have also gone through the “initial stage problems” but because they did not give up or surrender, they were able to record success eventually.

#4). Business execution

No business idea can turn out to be a success without effective and efficient business marketing and the way it’s executed. What usually makes a business successful is the way the business ideas are executed.

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You may have envisioned this great and profitable business idea but what will give you an edge above others in your niche market is the way you execute your business.

PSY’s Gangnam Style music video was executed in a way that it’s fun, trendy, catchy and everyone including the “titans” in music industry wants to see it.


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