Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant And Value For Money [Infographic]

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email marketing still provides the most success and value for money
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Despite most of us liking and following brands on social media, because of its long history of use we’re actually connected to more businesses via email.

In fact, according to a survey, 72% of people prefer to get marketing messages via email and only 17% prefer social media.

Furthermore, 76% of consumers on email lists will have made a purchase at some point. There’s no wonder almost all businesses still market their products and services by email.

Of course, what businesses send and when they send it plays an important role. Check out our previous infographic on the best time your business should send marketing emails for better results.

Data shows email marketing is still relevant and value for money

Due to so many years of spam, users have taught themselves to ignore typical marketing buzzwords and sensational subject lines. Almost half will delete emails without reading them if the sender sends too many in a row.

email marketing still provides the most success and value for money
email marketing still provides the most success and value for money

The best way to get click-throughs is to personalise emails – including the recipient’s name in the subject line is particularly effective. “Trigger-based” emails are also highly effective. This is when a user’s action (such as failing to check out an order) triggers and automated email prompting them to continue.

There are many different marketing methods that businesses can utilise online, but according to data gathered by EveryCloud for a new infographic, email marketing still provides the most success and value for money.

The infographic also looks at the demographics of email marketing, how mobile devices play a role, how things are becoming more automated, and much more. For all the stats and supporting data be sure to check it out in full.

Email marketing infographic

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