Growing email list is important if you want your email marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience. This is why the more contacts you have, the better for your email marketing campaigns.

However, you should never attempt to buy contacts while you are trying to grow your business email list. This will particularly jeopardise any possibility of making your business email marketing campaigns successful.

Buying contacts is simply a bad email marketing strategy that will take you nowhere. The fact is that if people signed up for your newsletter, it’s natural and it means they have interest in what you are doing.

Usually, there is a huge possibility of these kind of contacts (people that signed up willingly) taking action after opening your marketing email campaigns.

How engaging brand advocates can help grow your email list

The fact is that engaging your customers can make them feel they are part of your business. This is a great way to make your brand a favourite to them.

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Remember that customers are humans like yourself, and no doubt about it, they will always like the fact that you treat them well and this can automatically make them your brand advocates.

If people are singing your email’s praises on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks, they are in part driving your list growth. The simple fact is that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective advertising and business marketing strategies.

So there’s no doubt it, other people are signing up for your emails when followers talk about your emails on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

These people are evangelising your emails and brand for free, so make sure you are thanking them. Listen to what they say to show you are appreciative of their insights. Below are how engaging your brand advocates can contribute to growing your email list:

#1]. There is benefit in sharing

Ask your brand advocates to share your contents and your subscription forms. There’s nothing wrong with being direct and explicit in asking people to share your emails and email signup form.

Many people are hesitant to share content not belonging to them, so give them obvious permission to forward, print, post or otherwise share your emails.

#2]. Keep the conversation going

Scan through the social media platforms to see where your business is mentioned by your brand advocates and make sure you keep the conversations going for as long as possible.

There are lot of good social media management tools out there that can help you to easily manage your business’s presence of social media. Some of these tools are free to use and they offer similar functionalities. Choose the one that is right for you.

#3]. Develop an inclusive network

Take it a step further and develop an inclusive network of which your brand advocates can be a part. This will further help you to engage them better and also get them to be more interested in your business.

Developing an inclusive network and make them part of it will means that you extremely value them and the good mouth-of-mouth marketing your business is enjoying through your brand advocates.

#4]. Reward your brand advocates

We all love to be rewarded. Your brand advocates may be doing what they do out of the passion and interest they have for your business.

Brand advocates may not necessarily be looking to be rewarded, but a simple thank you message will serve as motivation. You can check out our article on the importance of brand advocates a how to gain indispensable brand advocates for better understanding.

Surely, your customers will love it if you reward them for the word-of-mouth marketing they are doing for your business. Run contests or give them discount or free stuff to reward their advocacy.

Remember that your brand enthusiasts are a treasure for your company, and you should treat them that way.


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