Effective use of visual storytelling can have some game-changing effects on your business marketing.

Visuals help us tell our stories quickly with impact and emotion. But they have to be the right visuals.

The fact is that people love visuals; we love colours, images and attention-grabbing presentations.

And when the visual is a powerful one, be it an image or video, the effect is magnified. Nowadays, businesses are using visual storytelling to make their messages easily understood.

And social media being a massive hub for generating traffic and sales for most businesses today, is a perfect platform to use visuals to get audience attention.

Using visual storytelling to convert users

power of visual storytellingNo doubt about it, one of the best ways to convert users is to use visual storytelling. For you to be able to convert users, you will have to be able to grab their attention and there is no other easy ways to achieve this than through visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling intrigues the user by using images to garner the user’s click leading to your content. Pictures and graphics have been proven to increase click-through rates on all social channels.

Videos are also incredibly useful when it comes to converting users through visual storytelling. Businesses are now adopting videos marketing to educate and market their products to potential customers. Crowdfunding websites like KickStarter have perfected the use of videos to sell a product or service to a massive following.

The infographic below shows how to effectively use visual storytelling to get audience attention:

how to effectively use visual storytelling to get audience attention

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