4 Quick And Easy Gift Bag Options For Birthday Gifts

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Birthday gifts are some of those precious gifts for your beloved ones. Family birthdays and events are easy to keep track of and remember.

Office, church, and organization birthdays may not be as easy to remember if they are known at all.

In the case that you have a birthday coming up and you only have a small amount of time to prepare, you may need to come up with a quick and easy gift bag option to go with a quick and easy unique gift.

Gift Bag Options For Birthday Gifts

These four quick and easy gift bag ideas will help you put together the perfect gift and gift bag set for any birthday.

#1). Stamped gift bags

A very quick and easy gift bag option for birthday gifts is to use the stamping method on white or brown bags. This can dress up a simple bag quickly and easily to create a unique and quick option. Try to use stamping pads that fit with the theme of the gift.

For example, if you are giving a birthday gift with a gardening theme, then use a stamp with botanical etchings in a green ink. This will create a leaf effect on the paper and make for a very unique and memorable bag.

You can also combine stamping techniques to create a mural design on the bag. Wrap the design around the bag for the ultimate decoration and inspired gift bag for the event.

#2). Photo Tote Bags

If you have some plain tote bags from unfinished craft projects, then this is the perfect time to use them. With a little bit of printer ink, iron-on printer paper and a few minutes with the iron, you can create a quick and easy personalised gift bag for birthday gifts.

You can choose an image that fits the gift and print it out, either colour or black and white, onto iron-on transfer printer paper. You can purchase the paper at any office supply store.


When the image has printed, place the paper onto the tote bag and iron on. This may take a few minutes. Remember to follow the directions carefully since each iron-on transfer brand is different. Allow the transfer to set for a few minutes, put the gift together and enjoy the reaction.

#3). Embellished Bags

Embellished gift bags can be easy to put together with the right pieces. If you are a scrapbook enthusiast, then this gift bag idea will be perfect for you. Use a few leftover scrapbook embellishments to create a scene on the bag.

Place the embellishments carefully to create a dimensional image that fits the theme of the gift. If you are giving a wine-themed gift, then use images of vineyards, bottles and a few wine glass charms for an added effect.

You can also do this with virtually any themed gift to create a gift bag that is memorable and meaningful.

If you are a baker or a homemaker, then this is the quick and easy gift bag option for you. Create and bake sheets of flatbread, gingerbread, or cookies.

Connect the sheets to form a bag. You can also create bowl style bags with these edible delights to hold kitchen gifts or food gifts for the ultimate all-inclusive gift giving.

Bread baskets filled with a variety of breads and rolls are a perfect gift that shows you took the time to create something from the heart, even if it was a quick and easy option. Cookie bowls can also be created to hold a cookie gift.

Another idea is to create a gingerbread-style cookie house from a leftover gingerbread holiday kit. Make sure the roof lifts off and fill the gingerbread gift bag with cookies and treats.


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