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How To Easily Kick-start Your Small Business Social Media Presence

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Everyone seems to know how to use social media, especially, for networking. However, do you know how to kick-start your small business’s social media presence?

As a small business owner, do you know how to kick-start your small business social media presence? Do you know how well small businesses are using social media for marketing?

The fact is that the vast majority of small business owners are struggling to leverage social media for brand awareness and to improve sales.

The question is: how well are small businesses using social media? Are small businesses only using social media for marketing?

Do you think your business can also benefit from social media? How well are you using social media for your business marketing and promotion?

Kick-start your business social media

Nowadays, social media marketing is arguably one of the cheapest forms of marketing and its ability to help you connect with the audience you want to interact with is phenomenal.

Today, almost all businesses are on social media. But what does your business gain from being on the platform? Does social media worth your investment? Do you know how to easily kick-start your small business’s social media presence and drive engagement? Our tips below will help you.

Easily kick-start your business social media presence

#1]. Integrate social media activities

It’s not just about being on social media, it’s also about ensuring that the platform works for you. But how will social media work for you if you didn’t integrate it into your business’s daily activities?


Starting from your daily interactions with customers to local small business networks, make sure that social media becomes a part of everything you do. Let your customers know where to easily find you.

This could be as simple as adding your Twitter handle, blog link, LinkedIn profile to your business cards and to your marketing material. Also, make time for social media posts and updates. This will ensure that you keep in touch with your customers who are already on social media.

#2]. Expand your social media reach

Another thing you should be planning to do is to expand your reach on social media. Don’t focus only on your industry, expand and connect with others. The wider the connections, the better for your business to reach potential customers.

One of the best things about having your business on social media is the fact that it’s arguably the easiest and cheapest way to reach a wider audience. It easily offers you the opportunity to get your brand in the face of your potential customers.

#3]. Consistence and relevance

It is easy for people to forget about you on social media and this is why being consistent is one of the most important factors that will make social media work for your business. Posting relevant content on your social media channels is also essential.

Remember that there are millions of businesses on social media and almost every one of them is targeting your potential customers too. You should always be consistent, make the content relevant and timely and demonstrate clarity about why and what you are posting.

#4]. It’s important to add value

One of the most common social media mistakes small business owners are making on the platform is the fact they often forget the importance of adding value. Adding value is what makes people fall in love with you and they will surely come back for more.

So how do you add value to social media? You can start by educating your audience about your business and the services you offer.

You can also inform them of the new arrivals, offers and sales promotions. And also, don’t forget to engage your audience by answering questions and sending replies to messages.

#5]. Diversify and connect the right people

Some business owners think that social media begins and ends with Facebook and Twitter. This is why they are only on just two or 3 social media platforms. But the fact is that there is more to social media than Twitter and Facebook.

Having your business on other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and others will help you to expand your reach and connections.

Share great content posts and always try to add something unique to each social media presence you maintain for your business.



How To Easily Kick-start Your Small Business Social Media Presence
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