How To Draft a Top-Notch Resume

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How To Draft a Top-Notch Resume

Today’s job market is highly competitive, and it will take a top-notch resume to stand out from the competition. In short, you have to devise a creative way to write impressive and appealing curriculum vitae (CV) to stand out.

As a business executive Eyal Gutentag has experienced that it takes a combination of experience and tenacity to truly land the job you want.

If you want to improve your chances of success in the professional world, be sure you are presenting yourself with a top-notch resume. And luckily,

How to draft a top-notch resume

Sometimes, resumes can be tough to write especially when you don’t have the best employment history. However, platforms such as VisualCV offers online tools for professionals to create stand-out resumes and portfolios in minutes. It’s so easy to use; you can even edit your CV on your mobile device.

Building Your Resume

Whether you have years of career experience or you are just starting out, you need to build a resume that shares who you are as a professional.

There are many different resume formats, but you want to ultimately offer a one-page summary of your education and work achievements. There are three primary formats to use when drafting your resume.

1. Chronological. This format presents your history according to the timeline of experiences.

2. Functional. This option provides a list of experiences according to the skill and not the actual employment.


3. Combination. Choosing a combination of both types combines the best of each option, but these can get wordy and redundant.

Lead With Important Information

The header of your resume should include pertinent contact information for yourself. Use an email address that is professional, and be sure to continually monitor incoming mail.

Your phone number should also be included, and it may be necessary to change your voicemail greeting to something courteous and business-like.

From there, move into your resume with a short (one or two sentence) summary of your qualifications and experiences. The key is being simple yet strong.

Hit the Highlights

You won’t be able to fit everything you have done into your resume, so choose elements that relate to the job for which you are applying. It is smart to have more than one resume, with each offering a different area of focus.

Crafting a solid resume will be one way to help your skills and experience stand out in the job market. Let your resume be the first impression needed to help you get your dream job.


How To Draft a Top-Notch Resume
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