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Discover Entrepreneur Potentials In You And Make Yourself A Better Person

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 7 Min Read
how to discover entrepreneur skills in you

How do you discover entrepreneur potentials in you? How do you improve on your overall personality so that those hidden natural gifts could be discovered?

We all have some traits of potential greatness in ourselves. But the daunting task lies in discovering ourselves. Entrepreneurship is an inbuilt attribute we all seem to possess.

However, the problem is how to discover and apply all these great attributes. Each of us has those attributes that many successful entrepreneurs possess but our problem is discovering and working on it.

But how to discover our entrepreneur potentials is the only problem with most of us. Nowadays, it’s even much easier to discover your potential.

All you have to do is to look inward and you will see that there are several real-life challenges that can wake up your entrepreneurship brain.

Can you describe yourself?

I was recently asked the above question by a friend at a seminar for aspiring young CEOs and it actually took me longer than usual to answer the question. It’s not because I don’t know what to say but it’s just that I didn’t expect such a question to come up at such gathering.

Discovering Entrepreneur Potentials In You And Make Yourself A Better Person

After all, it’s not as if it’s a blind date gathering or an online matchmaking website where you will be expected to describe yourself in one or two sentences.

So after the seminar and exchange of pleasantries with other participants, I had a second thought of the question – “can you describe yourself?”.


Now, I am writing about it because not many of us young people can actually describe ourselves and our potentials. This is because most young people don’t even know who they are in the first place. Also, most young people have no idea of who and what they can aspire to become.

Discovering entrepreneur potentials in you

“You will never be able to describe yourself if you have not yet discovered who you truly are.”

Entrepreneurship inspiration can come from anywhere; it can come from watching a movie, listening to inspiring podcasts, or attending a seminar. Also, you can get motivation from reading inspiring books, novels, or magazines.

Some people are ‘accidental entrepreneurs’ – something just happened and they are motivated to cash in on the situation.

So what kind of an entrepreneur are you? Have you been able to discover who you really are? Take note of the fact that you will never be able to describe yourself if you have not yet discovered who you truly are.

Discover yourself and what you want to achieve in life is the first major step you need to take. This is the only belonging you will be taking along with you anywhere you go.

The important thing to remember is that most of the young CEOs of today started at the average age of 17. So, as at the age of 20, if you still have not discovered yourself, then you will have to sit tight and have a serious think about your future.

Attributes of entrepreneur potentials

Young people of today are more enterprising than before most especially because they are being inspired by other successful entrepreneurs, and the inspiration helps them to discover their potentials.

#1]. Always want to improve everything

If you are that type of person that is always interested in improving everything you lay your hands upon, then there is something in you that can potentially make a name for you as an entrepreneur.

Some people always seem to know how they could do things better; they are constructive critics and highly opinionated. So, if you are one of them, you have to sit tight and think about how you can better present your ideas.

#2]. Being creative

Some people have been fired from their jobs not because they’re not good but because they are deemed too good. Some people are really creative that their manager will feel threatened that they might end up taking their position.

creative startup marketing plan

So, rather than tapping into their creative skills, the manager will get them sacked out of jealousy and fear of their job security.


Being creative could be a good sign for you to start your own business and become your own boss. If you think you are too creative when it comes to working for others, then you really need to explore the possibility of you doing it your own way.

Remember someone once said that “Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife.”

#3]. Being persistent

You can discover the entrepreneur’s potentials in yourself if you are persistent and wouldn’t let something you started to go until you are a hundred percent sure that it’s completely done to your taste.

At times, your being obsessive is not a disease or deficiency and doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a problem.

In fact, it could mean you wouldn’t give up until you get a result and that the result is satisfactory. This is a common attribute amongst all of the great entrepreneurs that helped them achieved lots.


How To Discover Entrepreneur Potentials In You And Make Yourself A Better Person
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