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6 Digital Marketing Essentials For Every New Entrepreneur

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 9 Min Read
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At the incipient stages of becoming an entrepreneur, it can feel like a complete adrenaline rush.

The feelings associated with starting a new business is real. Why? Because you are attempting to achieve your dreams which is great.

The fact is that entrepreneurship offers a great opportunity and some of the best feelings ever. However, there are many things that you will need to learn on the job and one of them is marketing.

Marketing is an essential aspect of the business you can never joke with at all. But as a relatively new entrepreneur, you may not have the financial resources to market your business.

Therefore, marketing is probably one of the stuff you may have to learn to do by yourself. Even if you aren’t an expert marketer, it’s likely that you will become one by the time you’re a few years in.

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Whether you plan on hiring a marketing professional or not, there are some essentials you should know. Find a few marketing essentials in the following article.

#1]. Marketing Strategy

Before you can see any digital marketing success as an entrepreneur, you need a solid plan. You need a proper and effective plan in order to meet your digital marketing goals.

First of all, you will need to go to the drawing board and work through buyer personas. You have to do this before getting involved in digital marketing activities.

Also, you will need to do target market research, and understand what your set goals are for the business. Once you’ve done this, you can then get your hands dirty by mapping out how you intend on achieving these goals.


Digital marketing essentials for every young entrepreneur

Also, don’t forget to research your competitors and set a budget. You’ll likely need to spend money as organic reach may not be as fast and effective as you’d like. Make sure you use the right team to put your plan together and create a realistic timeline to keep you on track.

#2]. Functional Web Design

It is very likely that you’re going to have a website if you’re engaging in digital marketing activities. Websites can offer the key information your customers need. If you’re running an e-commerce site, people can easily buy your products or pay for services.

In light of this, your website needs to be highly functional and meet the needs of users. Some characteristics of a good website include clear and visible text and a fast loading time. Also, it should be easy to navigate around and really appealing to users.

Seeing as websites can be crucial to your success as a business, you should hire a professional to do the job. You can learn more about prospective web designers you could consider to come to your aid and design a functional site for your business.

#3]. Engaging Content

Every business creates different kinds of content depending on their unique business objectives. While some may be focusing on social media, others may have blogs that take up most of their time. Whatever the case, every type of content that you churn out should be well-thought through if you want to see tangible results.

This means you may need to hire a seasoned copywriter or a content writer who has an extensive portfolio. To create engaging content, it’s important that you begin by strategizing. One strategy you could try is coming up with a competition to garner interest and get your audience’s attention. Also, visuals are essential these days, so you’ll want to include high resolution and captivating images alongside whatever content you put out as well.

It is likely that you’re hoping that your prospective customers will take some course of action in response to your content whether it be signing up to your mailing list, purchasing a product, or sharing a meme. In light of this, focus on creating content that is worth sharing and that evokes some kind of emotional response from the person who comes across it.

#4]. Influencers

If you don’t already know, influencer marketing has been a digital marketing trend in 2018 and this must be because it’s somewhat effective. Influencers are essentially people who have an audience that marketers likely need and who can help them capture their attention.

Digital marketing essentials

These influencers usually tend to have both leadership and authority. This is what organizations are looking for as their followers are more likely to pay attention to what they’re saying and selling. You should, therefore, have an idea of how to use influencer marketing in your strategy and to help you achieve your objectives.

In short, you need to take advantage of influencer marketing to effectively drive sales and grow your business. You could start by composing a list of prospective influencers and building relationships with them so that you can easily reach out when you have a campaign.


#5]. SEO Knowledge

This likely doesn’t need an introduction, but if you haven’t heard of search engine optimization before, it is the reason that many sites have made it to the first page of search engines. SEO is the best way for any website or brand to gain visibility and surpass the millions of blogs and websites online.

Through keyword research, optimized sites, and engaging content as mentioned above, brands are able to get to the audiences they’re targeting. On these premises, having a working knowledge of SEO so that you’re able to implement it in all of your digital activities is necessary.

Some basic SEO tips that you should have knowledge of as an entrepreneur are how you can produce virality, creating trust amongst your audience, and how to understand your customers. This knowledge could help make you a household name if implemented alongside quality products or services.

#6]. Paid Media

Seeing as the internet is so populated, you’re going to need to pay to get some visibility. As an entrepreneur, you should know a thing or two about paid media marketing strategies that are worthy of your investment. This could be anything from knowing how to use Google ads to understanding how to put together an Instagram ad.

Such knowledge will help you move faster than you would have moved organically. It will also ensure that you’re investing your money in the right way instead of putting out ads that aren’t reaching people who are interested in what you’re selling.

Marketing is an invaluable skill that can be used at any point in life. Whether you’re using it in your personal business or to promote yourself as a brand, it’s useful nevertheless. Essentially, it’s one of the only ways to gain visibility in a crowded digital world.



6 Digital Marketing Essentials For Every New Entrepreneur
PIN IT: Digital Marketing Essentials For Every New Entrepreneur

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