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How To Improve Customers List Building On Social Media

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 10 Min Read

Whether new or existing, customers are the lifeblood of every business. But do you know that you can improve customers list building through social media?

Without customers, businesses will struggle to make sales and generate enough revenue to survive. In other words, your customers help you maintain your business!

The issue is not just about keeping your existing customers happy for word-of-mouth marketing, it’s also about customer list building by attracting new customers. to increase revenue.

Keeping your existing customers happy

As a business owner, your primary priority should always be about keeping your existing happy while your secondary priority should be acquiring new customers. So how does your business attract new customers? How do you ensure that other people are aware of your products and services?

As a business owner, this could be a daunting task. But if you know what you are doing, you could really find it easy too. The market is always big and highly competitive, and while there are many ways to acquire new customers, you are really only limited by your marketing creativity.

Improving customers list building

So how do you improve customers list building and make new acquisitions? In many cases, an early step in becoming a customer is opting in to receive communications from your business.

The opt-in also offers you a valuable opportunity to interact following a purchase, enabling you to build loyalty and stay at the top of your customer’s mind.

If you market to other businesses and want to grow, you may think you need to find new companies to sell to, but really you need to find new individuals who are open to hearing about your company or business.

Getting customers via social media

Social media is a game-changer in today’s means of business marketing. It has changed the ways through which business not only interacts with customers but also engage them as well as keep them happy and satisfied.


With social media, customers are much more in direct contact with the business and vice versa. It opens a window of opportunity for businesses to acquire new customers.

So do you want to know how to grow your customer list via social media? Below is a list of growth strategies and tactics for building your database through social media:

#1]. Encourage social media sharing

The more your content is shared, the more likely your business will be introduced to people who have not seen it before – and the more likely you will add some new faces to your database.

Most marketing automation platforms have built-in capabilities that allow email recipients to automatically forward their message to a friend or share the message across their social networks.

If you have a marketing automation platform, make sure you incorporate this capability in your emails. You can even embed sharing capabilities right into your content so that your audience can click on the sharing links.

#2]. Use Facebook forms for opt-ins

The world’s most popular social networking sites can also help you grow your email list, so make sure you have an opt-in form on your corporate or brand Facebook page.

This form can be created within your marketing automation platform and iFramed into a Facebook tab section. You can define the fields you want to capture and build multiple opt-in pages for multiple offers (newsletter opt-in, white paper download, and more).

#3]. Use Twitter to boost list growth

Hopefully, you have branded Twitter accounts for your company and perhaps even a unique Twitter account for each of your major brands.

If you tweet about new content or products, make sure that the referenced link directs to a Web page that has an opt-in/sign-up section on that page in order to capture new prospect information before they get your offer.

Also, in your Twitter bio, you can embed a 1252×626 header. This will allow you to include links to your website, which should include a great opt-in area. Plus, you can take advantage of the sidebar area and design your own expanded graphic information area.

While the right and left expanded area is not clickable, you can include valuable information about the value of opting-in on your website. Meanwhile, if you are looking into advertising your brand on Twitter, you should check out our article on Twitter Advertising Options your business should be exploring and why.

Pinterest is a visual sharing site where users share pictures and “pin” them to their defined boards. Companies should consider creating their own Pinterest boards and actively posting pictures of their products, helping bring new eyes to your website.


Each pin can be described as it’s added to your board. Use this opportunity to add a link to an opt-in page in your pin description. Also, make sure you have your main page noted in your Pinterest profile as well. Pinterest can also be a good platform for your business marketing.

So, if you are willing to explore the marketing opportunities this platform offers, please check out our previous article about interesting Pinterest facts you probably don’t know about.

#5]. Make use of LinkedIn too

LinkedIn has been described as “Facebook with a suit and tie,” and it remains a vital social channel, particularly for B2B companies.

If your organization creates content to help nurture individuals that are not ready for a sales resource, make sure you are promoting this content on LinkedIn. You can promote it on your LinkedIn company page, and employees within the company can then repost this content into their activity feed.

Along with a sentence or two about the content, you should include a shortened link that, when clicked, will take visitors to a Web form that asks them to opt-in to receive the content.

Links to these assets can include an opt-in Web form that the visitor needs to complete to access the content. Another thing is to explore the possibility of LinkedIn advertising to get your business in front of people who matters.

#6]. Tell audience to spread the word

Google+ is another social site where people can do short-form blogging and share interesting content with people in their defined “circles.” This is another social network where you should have your brand present.

On the Google+ pages, you will be able to post links to articles, blog posts, and more. Encouraging your audience to share your content on this social site can drive web traffic to your blog/site. Please check out our infographic on Google Plus for business marketing and how to improve your engagement on Google Plus.

#7]. Make use of Youtube

When you tap into the amazing power of YouTube advertising, you will be able to have access to a unique place to get the word out about your products or services. And like the other popular social networks already mentioned here, you’ll want to create a channel for your business or brand.

On this brand page, you’ll be able to provide a link to allow visitors to opt in to your newsletter marketing database. For each video, you’ll be able to create a description in the “about” area.

Consider including a link to your opt-in page in this area. You can also append a message page at the end of your video that includes the opt-in page address.

In conclusion

As a business owner, you should always try to grow your database of customers while retaining existing ones. To that end, you should encourage customers to share your content or their favourite products from your company on their social media accounts.


Don’t forget to also include helpful, educational, and engaging content in your emails, such as tips, in addition to sales promotions. You can also do more to further encourage people to share your content and expand the reach of your messages.

Encourage customers to share your content on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. This offers an avenue to make it easy for your content to go viral.

Offering great and highly useful content combined with ease of sharing will help your business to achieve impressive growth in new business customers acquisition.

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