The eCommerce sector is growing and it seems everyone wants to have an online store nowadays. But how easy is it to make it as an eCommerce entrepreneur?

How easy can one build, launch and grow an eCommerce business without investing a fortune?

The fact is that it’s not easy to start and manage an online business nowadays, and eCommerce is not an exception.

Thanks to the availability of the internet – especially mobile internet, eCommerce and online store have witnessed a rapid growth in the last few years.

Mobile internet enables consumers to easily shop online while on the move, and it has been a major contributor to the growth of eCommerce sector.

Customers service, satisfaction and retention

Customer service is a vital aspect of the business that every entrepreneur needs to take seriously. Also, it’s one of the most important things when it comes to customer retention.

happy customers
Happy customers will come back

This is why every business owner will have to devise ways to improve their customer service for better performance.

The fact is that customers need to able to talk to somebody when they have a problem with your service, product, and even your website. This is where customer service or support comes to play a major role.

You need to understand that if the customers have no one to talk to or help them solve certain problems, they will take their money somewhere else.

Customers retention tools for eCommerce entrepreneurs

There is a massive competition especially in eCommerce business as internet shopping continues to grow. However, modern eCommerce business is more about meCommerce, which is about understanding what customers really want. It’s a deep understanding of the behaviour and motivations of shoppers.

online shopping and customer retention tools
customer retention tools

This means you have to devise means through which your eCommerce business will not only attract new customers but also be able to retain customers for future business.

Simply put, the game is no longer only about customer acquisition, it’s also about customer retention.

So how do you retain your customers and attract new ones? There are so many tools you can use to retain customers and attract new customers.

These tools can help eCommerce entrepreneurs in such activities as rewards programs, surveys, email marketing, coupons and sweepstakes. Some of these customer retention tools also offer customer support features and they can also serve as analytical tools.

#1]. Create beautiful contests and other campaigns @

Woobox helps you build the campaign that is right for your business
Woobox offers powerful features you can easily customize

Woobox is an innovative discount and rewards based program that can help businesses to get people coming back for more. The tool offers the ability to send flyers, coupons, sweepstakes, video contests, photo quizzes, and other promotional content to customers.

This is one of the best customer retention tools you can use to offer incentives for customers to visit your eCommerce site, to participate in contests, and to use coupons to buy from you. Over 4 million brands trust Woobox to help them run effective campaigns.

#2]. Know more about your customers via surveys @

SurveyMonkey helps you understand your customers better
99% of the Fortune 500 rely on SurveyMonkey for people powered data

Survey Monkey is a powerful customer retention tool you can use to keep a competitive edge by truly understanding the voice of your customers. This tool lets you turn very open-ended feedback into something that you can easily use to improve your website, products, and overall customer experience.

This is a great way to send out surveys to all of your customers at once. You can use the tool for customer satisfaction surveys to enable you to connect at multiple touchpoints. This will help you find out exactly what your customers want, need, and expect.

#3]. Drive measurable growth @

Optimove is used by over 250 customer-centric brands
Optimove is one of the best marketing automation tools for customer retention

Optimove is another really good customer retention tool you can use to understand and impact customer behaviour. This is a powerful marketing automation tool that allows entrepreneurs to engage in predictive customer modelling.

Also, Optimove autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights, which power meaningful customer communications, at scale. It lets you drive measurable growth through your existing customers by understanding who your customers are and what they want.

#4]. Convert more of your visitors into revenue @

CrazyEgg is not just about what gets clicked, but also who clicks what
CrazyEgg helps convert more of your visitors into revenue

CrazyEgg is another really useful customer retention tool for eCommerce entrepreneurs. The tool has a unique way of showing visitors journey on your eCommerce website. It displays a heat map of your website showing which areas have the most activity.

This means you will be able to see the hotspots on each page – so you know what to change, preserve or delete. Not only that, you will also be able to see how far your users scroll and where their attention fades or disappears.
CrazyEgg is not just about what gets clicked, but also who clicks what.

#5]. Measure your customer satisfaction @

ClientHeartbeat helps you measure customer satisfaction
ClientHeartbeat is a powerful survey tool built for measuring customer satisfaction

ClientHeartbeat is another powerful survey-based customer retention tool that helps companies improve customer satisfaction all over the world. The tool lets you to either send personalised and targeted surveys to select few customers, or to send generalised surveys to all of your customers.

Also, Client Heartbeat allows you to gauge and benchmark the results compared to your competitors and the results which they receive. It offers valuable insights into how your customers really feel about your services.

#6]. Convert and engage more customers @

Indicative helps you to easily optimise your business website
Indicative helps you to easily optimise your business website

Indicative is a customer retention tool that lets eCommerce entrepreneurs know how customers feel about the features on your eCommerce site. The tool analyses exactly how customers react to and interact with new features on your website.

If you make changes to your site such as adding another product category or a new shipment method, Indicative lets you understand the impacts on your customers. Indicative will tell you how these new features directly affect customer retention.

#7]. Get, keep and grow more customers @

KissMetrics helps you understand your customers
KissMetrics is trusted by over 900 companies to grow their sales

KissMetrics is another great customer retention tool for eCommerce entrepreneurs to increase conversions, engagement and retention. It’s a good behavioural analytical tool that allows entrepreneurs to see exactly where their customers come from.

The tool also shows you the percentage of customers who keep coming back week after week and which type of marketing brought them back. In short, this tool enables you to maximize your money and be efficient with your marketing budget.

#8]. Improve sales and customer satisfaction @

Comm100 easily helps you improve conversions
Comm100 helps you improve conversions, sales and customer satisfaction

Comm100 is an enterprise level live chat for online customer support and sales. It is a powerful customer engagement tool for eCommerce entrepreneurs to engage website visitors with real-time live support.

The tool provides live chat options and it can also help with building an effective FAQ section. It also offers email marketing options and assistance with building a reader forum for your website.

#9]. Capture key customer insights @

Qualaroo lets you capture key insights through real-time feedback
Qualaroo lets you capture key insights through real-time feedback

Qualaroo is a customer decision analysis tool entrepreneurs can use to uncover surprising new insights across the entire customer journey. The tool allows you to send customised and highly targeted surveys to your customers and gauge what the customer experience is like in relation to your business.

This is a real-time feedback platform for companies that want to learn more about their customers and prospects. Capture key insights, generate intelligent reports and in-depth analysis of your customers. It’s important to know exactly how your customers feel about your business. You can then use customer input to drive product roadmap and revenue.

#10]. Convert your visitors to happy customers @

ClickDesk puts a face to your business and a voice to your answers
ClickDesk helps you bring conversations to life through voice and video chats

ClickDesk is a tool to choose if you’re looking for a tool that offers live chat support, help desk, phone support and easy social media integration. This is an all-in-one solution that helps you put a face to your business and a voice to your answers.


10 Best Customer Retention Tools For eCommerce Entrepreneurs
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