Create Your Own Custom Animated GIFs With VISME

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Nowadays, visual content like GIFs is effective when it comes to digital marketing. Do you know that you can create your own custom animated GIFs with Visme?

For businesses, digital marketing has probably become the most widely adopted marketing strategy. This is because it’s cheap and often offers better ROIs.

Also, digital marketing helps businesses to better target the right audience than any other marketing strategy.

However, if you are new to online marketing, you will have to learn how to effectively use digital marketing to boost your business without spending too much.


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The fact is that nothing works better than visual content, especially, when it comes to digital marketing. But how well are you using visual content like GIFs to promote your business online?

Create custom animated GIFs with VISME

GIFs have become essential marketing tools, especially, when it comes to social media marketing.

If you are marketing or promoting your business on social media, then using GIFs can give you better exposure.

The fact is that GIFs are fun pieces of moving visual content to use to market your business on social media. You can even use GIFs in your blogs and email newsletters.

They can help you engage your customers and grab their attention. And with a great tool like Visme, you can easily create your own custom animated GIFs to promote your brand.

Use Visme to bring your design to life
Use Visme to bring your design to life

Step 1: Start with a template

To create your custom animated GIFs, the best and easiest way is to start with a professionally designed GIF template. Visme offers a template library that can inspire you to create beautiful visual content.

There are a variety of animated social media templates to choose from in Visme’s template library. All you have to do is simply find a template that matches your creative ideas and click to customize.

Step 2: Customize your graphic

One of the best things about Visme is that it offers customizable templates. This means you can easily edit or replace all of the elements in the template to match your brand.

When creating your custom GIFs, having access to stock photos and stock videos is very important. Visme easily takes care of this for you.

The tool offers a huge library of animated illustrations and icons. Also available are premade text blocks, and font pairs, and others to create a completely custom design.

Step 3: Finalize your animation

Having customized the template to fit your creative ideas and visions, not you can finalize your design. You can edit each of the animated visuals in the Visme library to your taste.

Create custom animated GIFs with Visme
Create a beautiful GIF image with Visme

You can customize the animation speed, time, repetition, and more. Also, you will have access to custom animation capabilities to make your shapes, text and other elements fly on and off the canvas.

Step 4: Export your animation

Once you’re happy with your design, Visme lets you download your GI with ease. Then you can upload or share your GIF on social media, add it to a blog post or share in an email newsletter.

Brand your business with Visme

Visme is a powerful visual and graphic tool you can use to easily build a stronger and better visual brand. This tool makes branding your business as easy as eating cakes. It offers all the tools you need to make your brand stand out as unique amongst the rest.


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“Visme is not just a tool, it’s like a workshop where your creative ideas to life!”…

Furthermore, helps you build the reputation your brand deserves. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or you are just a learner, the tool marries capability with ease of use to create a platform that allows everyone to do their best work.

You can easily keep your visuals consistent with your brand every time with Visme’s design workshop. Store your brand colours, fonts, templates, and logo so any member of your team can access them when creating reports, social graphics, presentations, and more.




How To Create Custom Animated GIFs With VISME
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