Best Tools To Convert Blog Posts To Downloadable Ebooks

Now you can supercharge your blog contents by converting them into downloadable Ebooks. Are you looking for the right tools to do that? Here are the best tools to convert blog to downloadable Ebooks and PDF files.

convert blog posts to downloadable eBooks

Blogging has reached a new level; it’s not just about posting awesome content, it’s also about making downloadable content for readers to take away with them.

Obviously, we all know that quality content plays a major role when it comes to driving web traffic to a blog. But nowadays, it’s not easy to retain visitors.

The fact is that you have to offer more than just blog posts to be able to retain visitors to your website.

If you have been blogging for a while you will probably have more than enough content to put together as an Ebook.

Now, you can convert those awesome blog content to some killer Ebooks for your visitors to download.

Convert Blog Posts To Ebooks

Converting your blog posts into ebooks or PDF files offers you the opportunity to repurpose your blog content with ease.

Thanks to Ebook makers and blog post conversion tools, now you can supercharge your blog contents (posts) by converting them into downloadable Ebooks. Some of these tools are free while some require subscriptions.

Blogger tools to convert blog posts to downloadable ebook


Converting your blog posts to downloadable Ebooks and PDF files can help you capture more subscribers and loyal readers, and boost web traffic to your blog. See also: Best Online Tools To Convert PDF Files To High-Quality Images

Converting your blog to an e-book is not something you can complete in a day or two. Below are great tools that can help you convert your WordPress blog to an Ebook.

#1]. Bloxp

Bloxp makes it easy to convert your blog to downloadable Ebooks
Bloxp helps you convert blog to downloadable Ebooks

Bloxp is a good tool that allows bloggers to easily convert and export their blog posts, and turn them into downloadable Ebooks and PDF files.

This online tool is easy-to-use; anyone can use it to convert their favourite blogs to downloadable PDFs and eBooks. It crawls the entire blog searching every post written since it was created. You can then choose the posts you wanted to download.


#2]. Ebook Glue

Ebook Glue is a complete blog to Ebook converter
Ebook Glue is a brilliant blog to Ebook converter

EbookGlue is another great tool that helps bloggers to transform their blog posts into downloadable Ebooks for any eBook reader, including Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

The tool takes an RSS feed, Atom feed, or URL and converts the blog into an ePub or Mobi file. It will then prompt you to download the file and you will also receive a link that you can send to friends. Anyone can use this tool too!


#3]. BlogBooker

BlogBook is an easy-to-use tool to convert blog to PDF files
BlogBook is an easy-to-use tool is a good tool to convert website and blog to PDF or Doc files. It can turn your blog into a book in a few minutes. This tool supports blogs powered by Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and even Twitter and LiveJournal posts are supported.

The tool is easy to use and within a few minutes, your content will be ready to publish, to archive, or print, it’s up to you!



#4]. Zinepal

Zinepal is easy to use, just enter the URL or feed
Zinepal is easy to use, just enter the URL or feed is another powerful but easy-to-use online tool you can use to create PDFs and eBooks in the ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.

If you want to reach additional audiences and offer your blog readers an option of downloadable eBooks and PDF files, then use this tool. It is one of the easiest eBook makers you can use to make printable PDFs and eBooks from existing web content.



Beacon lets you convert your blog to eBooks with ease
Beacon lets you convert your blog to eBooks with ease is a powerful tool that helps you to automatically convert a single blog post or combine several posts into a beautiful downloadable eBooks.

This powerful ebook-making tool helps you recycle old content and make it easy to add new content. If your blog or website is powered by WordPress, then you can use their WordPress plugin to automatically combine multiple blog posts into an eBook.

5 Powerful Tools Bloggers Can Use To Convert Blog Posts To Downloadable Ebooks And PDF Files
PIN IT: 5 Powerful Tools Bloggers Can Use To Convert Blog Posts To Downloadable Ebooks And PDF Files

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  1. Also, you can convert ebooks convintently for free online on convert-ebook dot com and similar websites. They usually support most popular formats such as .epub .pdf .mobi .azw3 and others

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