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Arguably, social media marketing is the best thing that happened to digital marketing because of its ability to reach millions globally.

In many respects, social media is another PR channel and if you are serious about making social media work for your business, incorporate it into the everyday life of your organisation.

And critically social media is as much about listening as it is about talking. Many people in your business will already be using social media in their everyday activities.

Consider this formalised. Introduce social media guidelines especially for people within your business.

Content & social media marketing tips

Where practical, consider employing a community manager. A community manager is well placed to set up structured listening tools feeding back often vital information into the business.

Content marketing and social media marketing works together. Social media platforms offer avenue for you to market your contents to global reach.

Making your content interesting and relevant to your audience is the best when it comes to content marketing. After all, you want your customers to share and spread the word – this is what Social Media platforms are best at doing.

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To fully maximise the benefits of social media the content you produce should be really engaging so as to generate great amount of interactions with your customer community.


Make sure that you give your readers multiple ways to enjoy, share and advocate your company. This will help to increase awareness and engagement and, ultimately sales.

#1]. Keep it informative and relevant

The logic is this: if you want your contents to go viral on social media – if you want people to share your information, then it is important to ensure that your content is relevantly informative.

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One of the reasons why people won’t share your contents is because of its relevance and whether it actually contains information that can be shared.

It is imperative to always write shareable contents. Why? Because people sharing your contents will need to feel comfortable about putting their name to your material.

#2]. Interweave your social media platforms

Is your business benefiting from your business social media? Are you maximising the benefits of social media platforms for your business content marketing?

For maximum results from your business social media engagements, it is important to use social media platforms in concert with each other and build the reach and currency value of your content.

For instance, upload a presentation to SlideShare, embed it on your LinkedIn Page, point to it from Google+ and Twitter and publish your latest social media activity on your website.

#3]. Incorporate social media platforms toolbars

When you write content for your blog, you should create the opportunity for your readers to share your contents. Make sure that social media sharing buttons / tool bars are deployed across all your publishing platforms.

There is no point in writing shareable contents if you don’t have social sharing buttons on your websites and emails (for email marketing campaigns).

Turn your content – wherever you publish – into something sharable, something people can easily share across the social bookmarking websites.

#4]. Share other people’s contents

Some people don’t like to share contents that are not theirs on social media… and if you asked me, I will say it’s not good.


They might not notice this, sharing other people’s contents on your social media accounts is as good as sharing your own contents.

Don’t be afraid to associate with other business content. Sharing and pointing to excellent content produced by others builds trust among your audience, establishing you as a useful and authentic source. It helps make you an authority which will result to more relevant business connections.

#5]. Offer trendy contents

Always think about the kind of content you are producing. You should make sure that the contents you are offering are trendy.

Hot topics usually attract direct traffic to a website, always take this into consideration whenever you are producing your contents.

Start with a detailed content grid and work out what you will discuss each month, week or even day. Then think about the type of content.

Don’t always rely on text. If you have a new product, photograph or film it, talk about what it does and then ask for comment.

Also, even though whitepapers are traditionally valuable, you may want to consider simpler but more immediate infographics as well.


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  • Really good article on how to make content marketing and social media marketing work. I absolutely agree with you on offering trendy contents because I have benefited from it recently. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Adeyemi,
    Great points and thanks for sharing them with the BizSugar community but…I think the real question is how you distinguish your content from everyone else who may be doing pretty much the same thing? I’m wondering what your advice might be for adding that differentiating factor and I’m opening this up in the BizSugar community as well. Hope you’ll share your thoughts along with the rest of the community!

    • I hope you will agree with me that we all have different styles of writing or creating contents. So I guess the best way one can distinguish his or her contents is by revealing one’s personality through writing. By the time people read two to four contents on your blog, they should be able to know the personality of the content creator.

      This is why the unique way or style of writing is very important, especially, in this age of “copy and paste”. Even if someone copy and paste your content on his/her blog, anyone that’s familiar with your style of writing will be able to know who the original content creator is. I am working on a comprehensive article on this topic. Watch out!

  • This article definitely has all the information and facts I wanted concerning this
    subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  • I believed David Ryan made sense with his comment, Blog authors and Admin should ensure that they build readers engagement through the comment box.

    And Adeyemi Adisa, i believe Trendy comments is one way of making it to top. One Trendy posts i shared is about Pr update and i got more comments and good amount of readers.

    • @ Isaiah Joe,
      You and David are so right on the issue of building readers engagement through comment box. It’s highly important! And I guess this is why it’s essential for content writer to ensure that their contents reach as many people as possible because there is no point in writing good contents when people don’t get to read them.

    • @ Isaiah Joe,
      Also on trendy comment, you are spot on. I have benefited from trendy contents lots of time. I remember when I wrote about homepage redirecting users to some funny url on one of my tech blogs, it attracted hundreds of visitors through search engines.

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