The word blogging and blogger is still very much popular among the young people. Blogging is a trend and it is still growing at a healthy rate.

Some people blog as a way of keeping a diary of their daily activities, while others engaged in blogging as a mean of making money online – the primary motive of most bloggers.

But there are some serious misconceptions about blogging and making money online through it.

Blogging is not just about writing and making content for people consumption. This is why making money online through blogging isn’t as easy as you may have thought.

Blogging mistakes bloggers should always avoid

There is more to blogging than making the content. There are other activities that go into blogging in order to make it an avenue to make money online.

Why blogging is good for your business

Apart from writing and posting the content, you will also be required to find means though which people can get to see the content.

There are so many blogging tips online advising bloggers to do ‘this and that’ to make their blogs successful.

But the problem is that not every blogging tip will be able to work across the board because every blog is different and the demographics are diverse in the industry.

The infographic below offers some good points about common blogging mistakes bloggers should always try to avoid. The first tip from the graphic is not to post everyday. But does that apply to every blog?

blogging mistakes bloggers should always avoid


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